How To Write A Good Telemarketing Sales Script

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By defining your specific selling process you will be able to apply a system that works over and over again and close more deals more often with less effort. Many companies build out a clear system for their employees that, if used exactly as told to, gets results from almost any person doing that job. The sales process involves just four steps:

Create Interest With Your Prospect
Establish What Their Needs Are
Explain How Your Product Will Satisfy Their Needs
Ask/Close The Sale

This article is dedicated to helping you to understand how to sell your products and how to write a cold call script but before you can determine what that is you should first understand what it is that your prospects go through before they buy your products.

Typical behavior of a Customer before a purchase

1. Awareness of Needs: Sometimes this is extremely obvious and the prospect doesn't require anyone to tell them about their needs. For example if the motor in my vacuum cleaner suddenly blows up and stops working I know I need a new one. However, your client isn't always going to be this aware of all of their needs and how your company can satisfy them. Have you ever made a purchase after watching an infomercial? I recently watched a commercial selling workout cd's that promised to get you ripped in 90 days, no matter what shape you were in. The commercial effectively made you aware of your need to get into shape. People are made aware of their needs in different ways. Some by TV or radio, some by print ads and some by a salesperson. In any case the message is always short and immediately points out the benefit to the audience.
2. Interest in Having Those Needs Satisfied: Once a prospect discovers their needs and benefits of having them satisfied they will be well into to the buying process and will stop at nothing at getting their needs met. This is where they will need questions answered as to how your product/service will best serve their needs. This is a broad subject and will vary depending on what you sell.
3. Preference of Using One Product Over Another: By effectively addressing how your company can meet your prospects needs your customer will chose to do business with you over your competition.
4. Commitment: At this stage the customer has recognized their needs and how a specific product would benefit them and now they have made a decision to buy the product/service.

So if you understand the process in which we all go through before we buy anything then it goes with out saying that you need to take your prospects through the same steps before you can get their business.

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