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There are many countries where men and women are not considered to be equal. The women are said to be inferior are ordered to obey the orders laid down by the men. However, the one area where they are equal across the globe is when it comes to worrying about their hair. They are all equally disturbed and spend sleepless nights wondering what is happening to their beautiful thick hair. Every morning when a person washes their hair, they notice strands floating away in the water, and if the number of strands is more, it is time for panic to set in. If a person has more than 100 strands falling away everyday, it means they are faced moderate hair loss problem and if the number of strands is much more, they better consult a doctor immediately. This is to know what is causing the sudden hair fall and how to solve the issue. There are many natural hair products that can be used to curb this worrisome trouble.

When a person uses a rough edged brush to comb their hair, they are likely to be tugging at the hair follicles, which will break away. This will lead to damaging of hair and weakening the scalp stunting hair growth. Another reason for hair loss could be sudden increase of decrease in one's body weight. If a person has gained more than a few pounds or has gone on a crash diet and lost about 20-40pounds, they will notice increase in hair loss. Another common sight is with pregnant ladies; their hormones would be on the swing leading to heavy hair loss. But this is a temporary situation that will get rectified once they have the baby and their body gets back to its normal condition. Usage of natural hair products like Rogaine or Advecia will help curb hair loss and increase hair growth, but one must not administer these medications on their own. They need get some advice before using them.

Rogaine is used mainly for male pattern baldness, it works using the main ingredient called Minoxidil. This works by reenergizing shrunk hair follicles, enabling it to grow bigger thereby promoting hair growth. Over a period of time, this will produce long and thick hair. It is available in two levels, one is regular and other is extra strength. The person can choose the one they desire to use based on the level of baldness they are enduring at the moment. The one thing that all users need to remember is that Rogaine is not a baldness curer, but it will help in maintaining your hair condition and for some it will promote hair growth. If a person is completely bald, this medication will not help them, they need to have some hair on their head, either in crown area or near the back.

Use of Rogaine, a natural hair product should be done on a daily basis, and it will slowly work on reducing the hair thinning or hair loss. And if a person senses any kind of allergy or irritation, they must consult a doctor and stop use of this product immediately. Different bodies react differently to various medications and this is no different.

One of the leading natural hair products is Rogaine, which has been known to stop hair loss and give the users another mop of hair to be proud of.

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