When Politics Come In Handy

by Andrew Kasch - Date: 2008-10-15 - Word Count: 524 Share This!

Many people in modern society are very politically motivated. They belong to a political group and as a result have strong opinions about most current events and topical issues, not surprisingly most of which are usually shared by all the other people who belong to the same group. Sometimes it's as though they have to check with the group to find out what they actually think about something.

Does that seem sad to you? Me too. However there are times when being politically slanted can come in handy. It isn't all just sounding like a clone produced by an idealistic cult. Sometimes those of us who actually think about things before responding have a disadvantage.

This seems counter-intuitive to us normal people who don't run every single thing everybody says through a political filter. I mean, we actually listen to people and don't suspect a hidden agenda when the person behind the counter at Denny's asks us for our order. We think that getting into an argument with the waitress at the point because she didn't address global warming is a bit nuts. But we are a bit short-sighted, and don't understand how being a political nut can actually be a benefit in many situations.

For example, let's say you find yourself in a group of starving people that are waiting for food to be distributed by some government authority. Now let's say that you are really against the killing of certain sea mammals. OK, so they announce on the loudspeaker that the expected food shipment didn't come today but a small group of natives managed to club one of these mammals to death and it has been grilled up medium-rare. However there is only enough for about 60% of the people. Because you are so appalled at the whole notion, you know not to bother stampeding with most of the other starving people towards the front.

OK, lets go with a more realistic example. Let's say a scientist stops by your work and wants to demonstrate a new power source which uses human anger as it's fuel. None of your co-workers care much about politics and thus are pretty easy going people. When the scientist tries to demonstrate the product, there is no fuel at hand for it. So your boss makes a slanted statement in support of the opposite political party as you, and now you are the one who gets to fuel the new energy source.

All right, all right, here is an even more realistic example. A co-worker accidentally states that she thinks Americans should support whoever happens to be President regardless of which party you belong to. Now you can finally put that person in their place and let them have it. Justice will at least temporarily be done, and no doubt you will gain the respect of everyone in your office.

Basically whenever unwarranted anger is needed, or lashing out at people who don't deserve it will save the day, your political affiliations will be a needed and much appreciated resource. Don't bother waiting around for thanks. Just be happy that you are helping to save the world a little bit at a time.

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