Third Term - The Obasanjo Syndrome ... Ambition and the Place of God

by Kissinger Akugue - Date: 2010-09-04 - Word Count: 734 Share This!

I recently read a post in a blog ( concerning President SBY of Indonesia ambition to run for a third term despite the constitutional provision for a two term period and it seems just like yesterday to me. Obviously the Obasanjo's Syndrome seem to be creeping into the hearts of leaders abroad wanting to tow the third term line by all means to perpetuate in power. Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo was in power from 1999-2007 and at the tail end of his administration it was obvious the old man already brought in a new lexicon into the Nigerian polity by sponsoring groups to chant and sing his praises that he alone can run the country and he alone is the messiah that can do it all.

As a result of this; activist, lawyers, labour unions, socio movements rose up against this move and socio commentators where all over the place making their own noises. Indeed to these leaders, it just is what it is 'noises'; because despite the constitutional provision of a two term period, this man was prepared to give it all it takes and the National Assembly was just there to help him. News of money exchanging hands filled everywhere, widespread corruption took center stage and reached its peak. Though Obasanjo refused to publicly declare he seeks a third term, his body language said it all, the groups fronting for him said it all, his own refusal to give answers when asked direct questions by pressmen said it all and the fact that his whole cabinet members and advisers clamored that he alone is the messiah crowned it all. At both chambers of the National Assembly-the Senate and House of Representatives there were divergent and disagreeing views. A topical issue it sure became all over Nigeria for close to a year and a half at the expense of national growth and development.

Royal dignitaries came into Aso Rock from all over the country to pay the President a visit and give him their supports and a lot of states to states visits were made by the old man, going by the fact that the President finds pleasure in making tens of foreign trips within few months and non within Nigeria; but this third term changed that because there was need to grease hands.

The root cause of this ambition is greed and what it produces in the system is corruption, widespread inflation and government work and activities become relegated while mediocrity takes over with everyone doing all so as to please the boss, I mean who wants to lose his job? Now non of the public agitations halted Obasanjo's ambition because the National Assembly fixed a date to entertain the debate whether or not to amend the constitution to be able to allow the president run for a third term. But men forget easily that God rules in the Kingdoms of men and gives it to whomever that pleases Him. And as God would have it, He spoke by a Prophet-Pastor Tunde Bakare that if it rains anywhere in Nigeria(it was dry season then in Nigeria; the rains had not yet come), the third term issue would be dead. So the battlefield shifted and moved over to the church. On the day of the debate, text messages started streaming in to the Pastor that it rained here, it rained there, even at Abuja and more so on the National Assembly-the third term issue was just heard to have been dead and no one knew how it happened other than those who knew about the prophesy and believed it was the hand of God.

To my brothers and sisters in Indonesia; be strong and rise up against every form of self perpetuation and know that these people do not invent a new wheel but use the same old ones being used by those of the past, even though they come in another or different form. Fight for a true people's government and do not allow yourselves to be imposed upon a government you have no pleasure in. Whoever amends a constitution that grants him two terms and brought him into power to allow him a third term, will do same at the end of that third term to enable him a fourth term and so on until he dies in government house. It is an insatiable spirit, like fire that never devours enough, don't be fooled!
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