Are Green Party Candidates Converting Voters?

by Paul Tobey - Date: 2010-08-20 - Word Count: 545 Share This!

Have you noticed that the Green Party Convention is hosting a few training sessions which include the how to of canvassing, organizing a riding and candidate training?

Have you noticed that they were hosting the Green Party Convention at the greenest convention facility in Canada, the Toronto Convention Centre?

It must not be easy being the Green Party. So much to think about. Are we using recycled paper, are we at a facility that uses green light bulbs, are we eating local food, and are our candidates leading by example.

Between policy workshops and cabinet meetings, there is more to think about then most parties. Every small logistical matter has to be thought out with an extra step making sure that we are living up to our environmentally friendly message.

That brings me to my next point.

Do the candidates canvass with billboards, using flyers, and business cards, and if so, is it printed on eco-friendly product. If they have internet in their homes, are they paying extra for clean power, and if they have cars, are they driving electric cars. When they purchase fruits, vegetables and mile, are they buying from local farmers.

I am curious how green candidates live because; a Green candidate can't be just any candidate. A green candidate has to have more purpose, more social responsibility and more conviction then the average political voice. It seems to me, that they will always be held to higher standards then the average political Joe or Jane.

While the Green Party has been able to shine a huge light on the real mother earth issues, and hold other political parties accountable for bad judgment, the truth is, the Green Party had to learn how to be a party. And in the past few years, some of them have become professional politicians with a cause agenda.

Maybe, just maybe, the other parties have something to worry about. With experience, comes more money. More money gets more seats. With more seats, comes more power.

The Green Party has been controlling the information about issues such as environment. At first, maybe no one really took the party seriously. But now, in 2010, voters are taking the Green issues very seriously.

If the Green Party begins to use the power of the internet to effectively demonstrate its ability to lead, they will capture more votes. If they begin to master how to effectively utilize Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, to get their key messages direct to the people, they will make headway.

You see, if the media continues to deliver stories that dominate, then the story that unfolds will most likely favor the Liberals or the Conservatives. Let's face it, there is always more opportunity to find scandal there.

However, if the Green Party finds the opportunity to speak to the voters via social networks, I think the social reach may just be the platform that can advance their cause leadership.

I think all parties stand for something. The Green Party Leaders have always been leaders in Cause Politics. But perhaps they may consider they are having the wrong conversation with their candidates.

It is time to put social media training in politics, and get the leaders of tomorrow building their brand online. Canvassing votes via Google, Facebook and Twitter is where the votes are waiting.

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