Why Hitler Wanted To Ban Guns

by Andrew Wallace - Date: 2010-06-13 - Word Count: 400 Share This!

Whenever the name Adolf Hitler is mentioned one automatically makes a connection to the Holocaust, Nazism and World War II. Yet, there are quite a number of people who do not realize that Hitler had another agenda during his reign of domination and terror; Gun Control. Adolf Hitler was a strict advocate for registration, control of and banning of fire arms. This raises the questions in many minds of "Why?", and given the violent assaults launched by Hitler's forces it is also a justified question. The answer to this question is a very simple one, if examined in the proper light and circumstances.

One of the basic truths to any strategic situtation is that of even odds. Basically, if you have a gun and your opponent has a gun then you both have an equal chance of survival. The factors that remain to turn the odds are those of intelligence, cunning, skill and strategic thinking. Now, given these factors what is the first logical course of action to take? Strip your enemy of their main source of protection; their firearms.

This is exactly what Adolf Hitler did when he introduced the 1938 Nazi Gun Laws. These laws prohibited anyone of the Jewish faith from possessing or carrying any type of firearm. Among all of laws put into place regarding people of the Jewish population, this one particular law was the one that resulted in the harshest blow to this race.
By stripping anyone of the Jewish faith of their rights to possess and carry a gun, Hitler effectively stacked the odds in his favor. Now, his enemies, (or as he saw it), the enemies of the German state, were placed in a position of being helpless and unable to put up a resistance to the fates that awaited them, because they were now defenseless while their oppressors were in possession of firearms.

In essence, this type of gun control is a symbol of things worse that are yet to come. Our forefathers fought for rights such as these, mainly so that we could feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we were capable of protecting ourselves if need be. They did not fight to have it decided centuries later that we would be stripped of, at least, the very basic right to protect and defend ourselves and our loved ones. Banning firearms should be something thought though very carefully.

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