Designer Shoes Come First In Global Poll Of Most Wanted Accessories

by Martin McAllister - Date: 2006-12-15 - Word Count: 442 Share This!

For both men and women, shoes have long been an essential fashion item. In fact, many women in popular culture are often considered to be "shoe-mad"; and while this stereotypical presentation may enrage some women, a recent survey does offer some hard evidence to back up this fact. According to the poll conducted by ACNielsen, both male and female consumers around the world have voted 'designer shoes' as the most important designer accessory in their wardrobe.

Frank Martell, President and CEO of ACNielsen Europe, commented: "Currently, nearly half (49%) the world's online consumers cite shoes as their favourite designer accessory - and if money were no object, two out of three (65%) would still choose shoes as their number one designer accessory purchase. When it comes to designer fashion, shoes can represent the most affordable option for both men and women."

The poll, conducted in countries across the globe, has compiled a ranking of the world's top five "most wanted" accessories: shoes rank first, followed by sunglasses, wallets, handbags (including 'man' bags) and belts. As television programmes like Sex and the City have demonstrated, women appear to covet shoes more than any other fashion item. Indeed, exclusive shoe designers such as Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik have freely admitted that Sex and the City has made them a household name; while many luxury online stores have seen their sites receive more viewings for shoes than any other item.

Martell added: "Designer accessories are taking centre stage alongside clothing and every international designer is introducing and expanding their accessory range to build their brand name and image with new customers."

But how can we tell the difference between shoes and designer shoes? To many people, the term 'designer' has a lot to do with a branded image or logo; in fact, Martell states that "Sixty per cent of Italians - citizens of the world's designer capital - believe that people wear designer brands for their status connotations."

Many high street shoe brands have picked up on the 'designer shoe' idea and are producing their own excellent variety of shoes bearing a clearly branded logo - for instance, Red or Dead Shoes; a footwear brand dedicated to providing shoe-lovers with a range of styles. However, designer items are just as likely to be unbranded, as leading Italian designers like Giorgio Armani have always demonstrated. But people like Martell seem to be sure that logos do not necessarily make the brand, either with shoes or any other luxury fashion item. He claims, " long as the consumer has bought into the brand values and the brand maintains its image and strength, these consumers will come back for more."

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Martin Mcallister is a freelance online journalist. He now lives in Edinburgh and enjoys travelling.

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