3 Slice Tips To Help You Fix A Slice In Your Swing

by James Masters - Date: 2010-09-12 - Word Count: 594 Share This!

For many golfers having the ability to fix a slice is a genuine battle. If you are someone who faces this challenge you need to first realize this really is a process that takes some time and practice. In this short article I'm going to share with you 3 slice tips that will help straighten out your ball flight to allow you to hit the ball with much more accuracy while adding distance as well.

The first, issue I need to address when it comes to learning how to correct a slice is your address when approaching the golf ball.

Slice Tip 1 - Be square at your address:

The majority of golfers who struggle with the golfing slice appear to always have their left foot too far forward in their stance. this can be more likely to cause the club face to be open on the downswing. this can be also true with the shoulder as well as the hips. In an effort to correct a slice you need to make sure your shoulders, hips and feet are square at address. This would let you be in the very best position on your downswing at impact.

Slice Tip 2 - Proper Grip

In an effort to fix a slice you need the correct grip on the club. Players who are new to the game really struggle with this. If the club is held too tightly it will not allow the hands to rotate through the swing at impact properly causing the face of the club to be open at impact. Consequently when you hold the club to loosely you will not get the proper roll of the hands at impact as well possibly causing a hard hook.

So as a way to get the proper grip, take hold of the club and look where the hands are positioned. You ought to be able to see 2 or 3 of your knuckles. If ever the knuckles aren't visible then you know you are using an improper grip. This will result in a open club face at impact and this will prevent you from eliminating your slice.

Slice Tip 3 - Swing Tempo

Last but not least as a way to fix a slice with your swing you have to have a very good swing tempo. But, what does this mean? Swing tempo is just this; not swinging to hard at the golf ball.

If you ever ever watch pro events you here the announcers talk about the players working on their tempo on the range. This is one of the reasons why pro's hit lots of balls at the range before their round. Their attempting to get the right swing tempo that they can take out to the course with them.

From start to finish, your swing needs to be smooth and relaxed. Avoid the temptation to jerk the club once you get to the top of your back swing. Let your hips start the downswing and everything else will follow.

To be able to work on this the next time you go to play a round of golf try and allow sometime to arrive at the range first and work on just swinging nice and smooth. One drill I like to use on the range is simply hit 15 balls each with your wedge, seven iron and then driver to work on your tempo.

In closing:

In an effort to fix a slice you must have the right address, good grip and good tempo. If you can simply work on these three things you'll be well on your way to getting rid of that dreaded banana ball.

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