10 Minutes A Day To Building Confidence In Golf

by Ian McMillan - Date: 2010-09-03 - Word Count: 646 Share This!

Confidence in golf comes from both a conscious and an unconscious perspective. This article is focusing on the unconscious perspective. Like anything in this world, those who have a an unconscious confidence about a skill that they possess have achieved it through repetition.

As you might have heard, "Repetition is the Mother of Skill", and as the skill becomes second nature (eating with a fork or chop sticks, walking, running, riding a bike, writing your signature, etc) an unconscious confidence develops. You might not realize that you are confident that the food on your fork will go into your mouth instead of hitting your chin or cheek. You might not realize that confidence is present because you've done it so many times, there are no doubts, or second thoughts about this skill that was developed through repetition. The same is true with any skill.

The question lies in how much repetition have you put into developing your various golf skills (putting, chipping, pitching, sand shots, irons, fairway woods, and driver)? Certainly you have not invested the same amount of time with any of these skills as you have with eating food with a fork! Nonetheless, it puts things into perspective regarding the time factor necessary to develop your unconscious confidence in the different areas of your golf game. Most people do not realize how many balls the best golfers in the world have hit in order to develop their skills. Time and time again, you might have heard the stories of legend golfers who have hit balls until their hands bleed. Tiger and Veejay Singh are known for their work ethic. Here, two of the best players today continue to put in hours of work every day. Hogan has been quoted that when he misses one day of practice, he notices a difference in his game. Two days missed, his competition notices a difference. Three days without practice, the public can notice a difference.

So the bottom line here is that in order to have confidence in golf oozing out of you, you need to put in daily practice. That poses a problem for many people who want confidence in golf but have to work for a living...

SOLUTION: Practice At Home! Here's How:

Believe it or not, Wiffle balls are a great way to develop a skill for swinging the club because they will show you the ball flight tendency. Hence, although you might not be able to find several hours to practice daily, you might be able to make 10 minutes in your back yard with Wiffle balls. If there's snow on the ground, focus your time on the short game that can be practiced inside.

Regarding chipping practice at home, find a hard surface (garage, patio, driveway, sidewalk, etc and place a small piece of carpet (2 feet x 3 feet) and use real golf balls to chip to a target (bucket, can, Frisbee, etc). The most important thing for developing your chipping skill is to be able to land the ball a desired distance in mid-air. Practiced 3 yard, 6 yard, 9 yard, 12 yard and 15 yard chips.

Putting practice inside can be done inside on a carpet. Putt to a quarter, dime, or an upside down tee. No need to putt from too much further than 10 feet. The 5 footers are the ones that most people need the most work with anyway. If you don't have carpet and only have tile, you might want to invest in a strip of fake grass from your local hardware store.

No matter what, when you put in your daily 10 minutes, you will start becoming unconsciously confident for that day that you go to the course. So the real bottom line to building your confidence in golf (on a subconscious level) is to have amazing will power, be persistent, and get your daily dose of repetition. Go for it!

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