Grooved Golf Swing Series: How To Use Your Elbow While Putting

by Bill Maitland - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 382 Share This!

Here is a tip that will allow you to control the putter head and send it along the right line every time.

When you take your putter blade back and then hit your put, it has to be on the same exact line. Agree?

However, it is so easy to push the putter a little away from your body or bring it in a bit.

What you need is something to act as a stay to fix this distance from your body.

This is where the right elbow comes in.

If you are a right hander, set up with your right elbow tucked in and touching the right side of your body in a nice comfortable, natural fashion.

Now leave it there during the whole put.

Putting is done with the large muscles of the body, and not the wrists, etc. and so when you put, your right arm will remain at a consistent distance from your body.

This allows it to act as a fulcrum in the same way as a compass allows you to draw a perfect circle.

This causes you to keep the putter blade square and not deviate from the target line. If you set up like this and are determined to put like this, but somehow, you allow your right elbow to leave your side, it must move forward and so push your putter blade out.

This will cause you to pull your put and miss to the left of the hole.

So, if you keep missing to the left of the hole, have a look at your right elbow.

Keep it tight against your side during the whole stroke.

If you have trouble starting your put, you can incorporate a forward press.

This means a slight, and it has to be a slight movement of the hands towards the hole.

From this forward press, it is easy to commence your back swing.

However, I have stressed the word slight. If you make more of a forward press, you will open your club head and push the ball to the right of the hole.

So now you have something to look at. Where do most of your puts miss, to the left or the right.

If to the left, have a look at your elbow,

and if to the right, have a look at your take away or even forward press if you do incorporate one.

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