Phil Mickelson Putting Style

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So what is Phil Mickelson putting style? After all, he can string together a bunch of birdies in a round. Yes, his approach shots to the green have a lot to do with it. However, it is his amazing use of his putter that seals the deal.

Well, first you must understand that Phil uses an inside to inside putting path line. On the backswing, his putter moves towards his body, then his putter squares up at impact and, finally, it moves towards his body on the follow thru.

Phil's inside to inside putting technique is not your only viable option for putting. Many pros use a straight back to straight thru putting stroke. Some use an inside backswing and straight follow through. Further, copying Phil putting path line is only a small part of learning how to putt like him. In fact, you can adopted a different path line and still follow hi putting philosophy

Let's say that you have a putting path line that you already use and which you would prefer to continue using. What you can still learn from Phil is how to build your grip, setup (stance, posture, ball position and eye position), routine and putter selection around your putting style. This is Mickelson's secret. And it makes sense.

However, us typical amateur golfer will likely overlook the importance of making sure that all aspects of his putting match his chosen putting style. We may purchase any putter that looks good off of the shelf. We may adopt any setup that feels comfortable. We may use any grip technique that allows us to hold the putter. Why, because we do not know any better?

But the truth is that constructing a putting stroke is like building a car. All the parts of the car are made to fit together to make the end product. So too, all of the parts to your putting should fit together to make it more likely for you to consistently make putts with your chosen technique.

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