The Black Market For Bodies In America

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In Revelation 18, the Bible clearly predicts that in the last days there will be a slave market. The King James says merchants will be selling slaves and souls of men. This is not new, slavery has existed throughout history. The original Greek gives further insight into the text. The literal translation of the phrase is bodies and lives of men. The literal translation is consistent with the fact that there exists today an international market in body parts. Much of it is illegal and hidden but there does exist an open market for baby parts. The Bible indicates that it will be Babylon who will be the major buyer of both lives of people and body parts.

The United States is clearly the largest importer of goods produced in sweatshop where people work extremely long hours without earning enough money to feed their families. The U.S. also purchases many goods in China and else where that are produced by slaves. There is also an international market for sex slaves that includes children. Alarmingly, trafficking is sex slaves exists in the United States. But the question begs, does there exist a market for body parts in the United States? Is it possible that such a market could include the execution of the innocent? Read this article to find the shocking truth.

There is a booming industry in the U.S. in body parts. The body parts of aborted children bring in huge sums to abortionists. In 2000 ran an article entitled "Body Parts For Sale." The article included the following price quotes from an actual sales manual for a babies body parts: skin $100; limbs $150 each; ears $75 a pair; eyes $75; bone marrow $250; spinal cord $325; and brain $999. An adult body is worth even more. An adult body can sell for over $200,000 and with the organs in tact it can be worth much more.

The value of bodies is due to the fact that people want to be buried or cremated; they don't want to become a commodity. Therefore the availability of bodies is limited. This opens the door for a black market in body parts. It is well known that there is an international black market in body parts. This black market includes people who willing sell one of their kidneys, comatose patients who are killed for their organs and executed prisoners whose organs are sold. This has been alleged to occur in nations such as India, Philippians, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russia, Moldavia, England, South Africa, Brazil, Thailand and China.

Some believe that the mafia is involved in satisfying the need for body parts. The potential profit in the black marketing of body parts is staggering. For the Mafia, neither morality nor legality is an issue, so what would keep them from being involved?

In 2001 Italy's DIA, the Italian equivalent of the FBI, issued a report stating that the "Italian Mafia along with their European, Asian and African counterparts, are behind" an international black market in human organs obtained from children. The revenue was estimated to be in the hundreds of millions per year. In the report, Agostino Pappalardo, director of the Anti-Mafia Investigative Department, stated: "Hearts, lungs and livers, taken out of men, women and children's bodies are being smuggled across international borders from one continent to another to be sold on the black market. Unscrupulous doctors and surgeons are in the pay of the mafias. Clandestine prostitution is left to the Albanians and Moldavians. We suspect that even new-born babies and aborted children all over the world are being sold to supplement the coffers of the Mafia. This is not fantasy, it is a reality."

When the government investigates drug dealers or the mafia, one common method is to search for unexplainable sources of cash or assets. If someone has a large bank account, lots of cash, houses, fancy cars or expensive toys such as boats and planes and no source of income, it is assumed that the money and/or assets were obtained by criminal means. It is not hard to understand that if a person has something it must have come from somewhere. When legal means are eliminated, what is left is illegal.

This same reasoning can be applied to organ transplants. If someone receives a transplant and there is no legal source then it must be assumed that it was obtained illegally on the black market. Astoundingly, I have discovered that there are 48,114 kidney transplants in the United States that have no apparent legal donors.

The United Network for Organ Sharing keeps statistical records on organ donations and organ transplants for the U.S. government. A review of these records shows a very disturbing truth. Between 1988 and 2004 there were 48,114 more kidney transplants in the United States than there were kidney donations. This number cannot be explained as an error in the numbers; there is a consistent trend. There is an average of 2,830 more kidney transplants each year than there are donations. The deviation from this average is small. In the low year, there were 2,629 more transplants then donors and in the high year there were 3,186 more transplants then donors.

The only reasonable explanation for there being so many more kidney transplants than kidney donations is that there is an active black market in body parts in the U.S. If these kidneys sold for a mere $20,000 each, we are talking about almost a billion dollars. It is possible that they could sell for much more. In 1999 someone posted their kidney for sale on the Internet auction site eBay. The beginning asking price was $25,000 but the bidding went as high as $5.7 million before eBay blocked the sale.

The reason for a black market is simple; there aren't enough organs to go around. 6,000 people die each year in the U.S. while they are waiting for an organ to become available. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, as of March 2004 there were more than 85,000 people on the waiting list for organs in the U.S. Further the waiting list grows by 19 percent per year. Such an enormous demand for organs creates an enormous profit potential to anyone willing to engage in the illegal trade of human organs. As the evidence suggests, that is precisely what is happening.

An organ that is properly removed, prepared and packaged can survive for approximately 5 hours. This means that it is not likely that harvested organs could be illegally imported into the U.S.; the transport time it too long. It is more likely that illegal aliens are brought into the U.S., murdered and their organs harvested and sold. There would be no record that they were ever here and no record that they were missing. Whatever the source for these organs, the facts support an active trade in human bodies in America just as the Bible states that it would. You see, America is the Babylon of Bible prophecy.

In 1994 Eric Sottas, President of the Geneva-based World Organization against Torture, was interviewed by Mexico's Proceso magazine. Sottas authored the "Sottas Report," which was the result of collaborative efforts between 200 human rights organizations over a three-year period. In his interview Sottas "confirmed the existence of international rings that kidnap children, "not only for illegal adoptions, pornographic activities, and child prostitution, but for the purpose of 'trafficking in organs.'"" The "Sottas Report," among other horrors, "listed 17 clinics in Tijuana and Juarez, on Mexico's border, that perform sophisticated transplants of kidneys and corneal tissues from kidnapped children to wealthy Europeans and North Americans who pay top prices for the operations--no questioned asked. The Latin American countries listed as confirmed traffickers in child organs are Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Honduras, Colombia, and Mexico." The chief beneficiaries are North Americans. "In an earlier report to the United Nations, Sottas named Guatemala, Haiti, and Brazil as three countries in which street children are kidnapped for their organs."

If Americans are traveling across the border to receive organ transplants from kidnapped children, it is no stretch to imagine that the same services are quietly happening in America. What else would account for the 48,114 transplanted kidneys for which there were no known donors?

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