How Do You Know If It's A Good Internet Business Opportunity

by Aubrey Richardson - Date: 2006-12-11 - Word Count: 492 Share This!

Now days Internet businesses are popping up all over the place and I mean that literally! Seems every time you visit a website if it isn't already suggesting you join, just as you click to leave, you see a pop up window asking for your name and email!! There are so many of these types of ads that it has become an annoying factor, making for pop up blocking options within most browsers.

However, some of these pop ups can actually be a legitimate Internet business opportunity. The challenge comes in knowing which ones you should take action on and which ones to simply delete or ignore.

One-way to judge whether you should "sign up", is to look (study) the information on the screen itself. No matter if it's in the form of a pop up or you've gone directly to the URL address. Use your common sense, if it appeals to you and your senses chances are it will be appealing to others as well. This may make for easy or easier duplication when you decide to market or promote the same information.

A sign of a good Internet business opportunity is seeing they have an attractive lead capture page. Without an appealing lead capture page, you can bet there will not be any solid system in place to contact or follow up with your prospects. Most lead capture pages will gain the prospects name and email address as a bare minimum, others may go a bit farther and request the users phone number as well. Some even go as far as to require the individual to supply a valid address along with other items of interest such as; occupation, hobbies, etc.

The more information required the less "sign ups" however, it becomes a trade off. Requiring more information usually turns into more quality leads but less quantity. Depending on your method or preferences for following up a lead, you may prefer a "slim" selection to a detailed web form.

A good Internet business opportunity will also have a built in auto responding system. Once a lead is captured, it should request a confirmation from the prospect and immediately send the first of many auto generated letters. Prompting them to take action on your behalf. By requesting (actually requiring) a confirmation to their registration, you will eliminate bogus email addresses and eliminate SPAM accusations.

You will want to verify any testimonials or "case studies" that may be published to gain your confidence. Sometimes you will see an overkill of information making you feel as if matters must be true. When it may just be part of the marketing tactics of the promoter. The most common form of advertising today is "long copy"! Placing readers into overwhelm and giving the impression of "gosh it must be real (true) look at all these people's results!" Focus on the FACTS and not the HYPE!

The old saying "Facts tell, stories sell" definitely applies when researching for a real Internet business opportunity.

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