All About Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing is a broad topic that primarily deals with you (the affiliate) selling a product for another person or company. There are many advantages in this marketing for an individual, as one does not need to stock any inventory. The negatives are that there might be competition from others selling the same product on the internet. However, those that beat out their competitors are making some serious money on the internet.

To become an affiliate you simply sign up either at a large marketplace such as clickbank, or at the product pages of individual sites. Registration is always free, you should never have to pay to become an affiliate. Affiliates get paid a commission when they produce sales. This reduces overhead for the product vendor while at the same time eliminating investment capital for you.

Top ranked affiliates routinely return tens of thousands of dollars every month! Even if you do not reach this level, think of what a difference a few thousand extra dollars can make each month. Knowing that you are making money while sleeping is a satisfaction enjoyed by affiliates world wide.

Ideally speaking, you don't have to pay anything to make money off affiliate marketing. Simply passing your affiliate link onto friends and colleagues would generate commission for you. But to seriously make money, one needs to advertise their link. Google AdWords is a very popular advertising front for affiliates because of its ease of use and high exposure as well as fair pricing. After all, you get to set the price that you are comfortable paying.

Yahoo (Overture) is another popular pay-per-click advertising front. Ad-campaigns can be started and ran for as little as $5 a day. How much higher you might want to pay depends on the ability of your ads to produce sales. One thing to note is that it is better to increase the total daily budget as opposed to the cost per click in most cases. This gets more exposure for a link with less risk of non buyers. The more exposure you have, the greater chance that your sales percentage goes up. Look for other non-mainstream ideas to promote your links as much as possible.

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