Affiliate Marketing: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

by Russ Reynolds - Date: 2006-12-09 - Word Count: 455 Share This!

It sounds funny to be talking about fear and affiliate marketing in the same sentence. You normally think of things such as jumping out of an airplane or eating strange insects on a television show as fearful. Nevertheless, fear could be the one thing holding you back from making a great living online.

Are you afraid?

Fear takes many forms but particularly we are talking about a fear of failure or rejection. So many people get started in this business and quit as soon as they realize that they have to work or just before they have a break through. Is it because they are lazy? I don't think so. I think that people fear that they don't know what they are doing or that they will be judged harshly if they fail. Mostly they fear that by concentrating on this opportunity they are missing out on another, better one. So they end up not concentrating on (or being successful in) anything at all.

What a tragedy to have a dream (perhaps for you it is the freedom to travel that affiliate marketing can give you or the freedom to be with your family when and as much as you choose) and to let it die without a fight because you are too afraid of failure. Don't let that tragedy happen to you.

I believe that fear is the single biggest obstacle in achieving your dreams whether online or offline. So what can you do? As Jack Canfield (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) says…'feel the fear and do it anyway'. He is basically saying that everybody is fearful but you need to press on and do what needs to be done. Perhaps that is not much of a strategy and it feels like a cop out to you to not have some 'trick' to better cope with fear. The point is that there is no magic solution. The key is to recognize the fear for what it really is and not let it hold you back from your dreams. Many people are blinded by fear for their entire lives, not really understanding what is holding them back.

The antidote to fear is to take 'massive action'. First, develop a clear, concise strategy for your affiliate marketing business. Once you have a strategy, begin taking massive action. Do something every day to further your business. Don't put this step off…your plan will never be perfect. If you take massive action towards your goals, the fear will dissipate. Just make sure you focus on the plan or the fear will rear its ugly head again and you will wonder why you did not make progress over the last 6 months.

Be ever vigilant; don't let fear rob you of your dreams.

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