Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Twitter Marketing

by Daniel Arron - Date: 2010-10-16 - Word Count: 451 Share This!

A Twitter marketer makes his first mistake by bragging about his products and services. But let's face it; nobody is interested in all that. Your main goal is to build your business and make money, but most people won't pay attention to you if you are concentrating on yourself. You have to give your followers another reason to make a purchase from you. This will only happen when they see that your products can be advantageous to them. It's a great thing to advise your followers about your product's attributes, but unless you can show them how these attributes can benefit them, your campaign is meaningless. You have to show them the great things that your product can do and how these things can be beneficial to them. When they discover that your product is advantageous, they will want it.

Don't use Twitter as a way to only talk about your products and yourself because this will not have positive results. Anything that reduces your impact on Twitter is a mistake, and that includes not making the simple request to your followers that they forward your tweets to their own followers. When you're actually putting in the effort to make your tweets high quality, why not ask your followers to re-tweet them and help you spread them further? You have more to gain by being forceful, so don't be afraid to ask. Writing this one sentence in your tweet can bring you many more followers very quickly. The objective on Twitter is to get as much attention as possible, and your own followers can make this easier for you. All you have to do is make the request. Your followers will actually appreciate your directness in asking for their help.

Don't make the mistake of presenting a corporate image in front of your target audience. They want to see that you are an authentic person who can easily be contacted. People on Twitter are not impressed with corporate titles and an arrogant attitude. They instead want a human touch that they can relate to. This is how you can increase your effectiveness on Twitter as people feel like you are someone they can relate to.

Most importantly, you can reach the level where you can recommend products to people and this will be seen as useful tips that they will be glad to receive. In short, if you want your Twitter followers to like you and actually respond back to your offers, then give your marketing efforts a real, human touch. It takes a lot of concentration to avoid making these twitter marketing mistakes in your campaigns. As you gain practice, however, Twitter marketing will become easier and more familiar to you.

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