How To Avoid Internet Marketing Misery

by Graham Jones - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 467 Share This!

Every day you can read stories about people who have made a fortune online. Being an Internet entrepreneur is clearly attractive. You can work at home, you can choose your own hours and, so it seems, you can take truckloads of cash to the bank.

Yet in spite of the successes we hear about, most people who try their hand at being an Internet entrepreneur fail. They buy all the ebooks and audio CDs that contain the instructions from the "gurus". They attend teleseminars, Internet marketing conferences and even sign up for one-to-one coaching programs. Yet, in spite of the thousands they spend on their own education, they still don't make the millions their mentors achieve.

So why is that? Why is it that only a tiny proportion of would-be Internet entrepreneurs actually make the grade? It's been estimated that only 2% of people who try their hand at Internet marketing succeed. The rest keep trying, without any real success.

The factor that marks out the top entrepreneurs from the rest is one of attitude; that's all. What the millionaire online entrepreneurs do is treat the entire activity as a proper business. They have meticulous plans, they engage in detailed market research and they monitor every aspect of their online work so they can improve on their results each day. In other words, the top Internet marketers don't just "play at it"; they take it very seriously.

Yes, some of them don't work full time. But when they do work, they work hard. They don't just tinker at things, trying an email campaign here, an advert there and the occasional request to add a link to their web site. Instead, they have specific targets they wish to achieve and then they write detailed plans about how they will go about achieving that.

Furthermore, the successful Internet entrepreneurs are focused on what they do. They don't try and sell one ebook today, an audio on a different subject tomorrow and a report on something else next week. While they may have several different products, they will focus their efforts, one at a time.

If you are trying to make money online and don't have the same success as your Internet marketing heroes you could try the following:

1. Focus on what you really want to achieve
2. Choose just one product or service
3. Set targets for your sales on an annual, monthly and weekly basis
4. Work out the ways you will reach those targets
5. Do one thing at a time in your list of activities designed to achieve your targets
6. Monitor your results and adapt your work accordingly
7 Learn from what you achieve and use that knowledge in future projects

Working on just one product at a time may seem time consuming, but it will pay dividends in the long run.

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Graham Jones is a psychologist who has investigated the way people use the Internet. His research can help you make the most of the Internet, particularly if you are hoping to make money online.

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