How to Lose Stomach Fat - Some Tips for Success

by Velma Juste - Date: 2006-11-30 - Word Count: 742 Share This!

Originally I started to diet several years ago. Over the past four years my weight has dropped and then increased again as I tried every method known. I could not find an answer. Eventually, a few months ago, I found the solution which taught me that I needed to change the way I look at food. It then occurred to me that I had made lots of mistakes while trying in my quest to lose stomach fat .

I'm about to reveal to you the most important mistakes I made during my efforts to lose stomach fat. By sharing my experiences with others, via this article, I might be able to help people avoid the errors I made. So, here,in no particular order, are some mistakes I made while trying to lose stomach fat.

Eating every other day.

I would actually eat around two thousand calories or more one day, then guiltily, consume less than one thousand calories the following day. Having "starved" throughout the day it is much more likely that you will eat more in the evenings. Doing this will not help you burn body fat. The majority of your calorific intake should be consumed in the early part of each day.

Do not avoid breakfast.

Most people try to burn body fat by skipping meals in the vain hope that this will help to lose stomach fat. Breakfast, of course, is a really convenient meal to miss. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when on a diet. If you leave the home in the morning without first eating breakfast, you're much more likely to eat more later at mid morning break and lunch times. And, calories taken at breakfast time are readily burnt during the day.

Never assume that you will always be overweight.

You absolutely MUST break this view of yourself if you desire to burn some serious body fat. Sometimes it feels like you're doing things the correct way but not making any improvement. This is a completely natural reaction. You need to be aware that progress may be a little slow initially, then mentally you will be prepared to overcome this negative attitude; Maintain a focus on your goals to be happy and healthy . Try not to lose sight of the overall plan of action.

Be careful when buying diet food.

There is nothing 'wrong' with diet foods. It is however, a problem that psychologically if a food is labelled as 'diet',this somehow allows you to eat MORE of it. There may be a temptation to do this because of the low calorific value of the portions. Remember to moderate your calorie intake as a daily schedule, and do not exceed the set limits.

Do not eat salads as the main meal.

Do you believe that eating salad is a good way of keeping your calorie intake down? Correct. A salad meal has many less calories than, say, a pizza but does it provide a satisfying meal? When you have eaten you need to feel sated by what you have just eaten. Whenever I ate salad meals, a few hours later I felt the need to seek more food.

It is preferable to eat a meal with slightly more calories than to eat salad and then snack-type food to 'fill up' afterwards.

Do not start a new diet on monday.

Although it is psychological, when I found a new diet to use, I always started it on a monday . This meant I could (I felt) safely gorge myself all weekend. Doing this I was just heading for failure.

Do not be too embarrassed to go to the gym.

Taking the plunge and joining a gym can be a very difficult decision to take. I worried that people in the gym would stare at me and talk about me. I actually believed that I was too fat to exercise in public! You must exercise regularly.Join a gym! You'll benefit considerably from the routine and being with like minded people and trainers.

Do not set goals that are too high.

You will benefit greatly from a well organised, written course of action. Set short-term achievable goals. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Setting long term goals is OK, but they always seem so far off. You need to keep your motivation high. Set yourself targets for a week, and also longer term goals. Once you achieve one goal, set another for a new period.

I hope this article helps you with your quest for losing disfiguring stomach fat.

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