Freedom Begins With The Act Of Forgiveness

by Diane Dutchin - Date: 2007-05-21 - Word Count: 401 Share This!

I can imagine the thoughts and feelings that may rise up in reading this title, but

before you judge this article base solely on the title, I encourage you to please keep reading!

We have either heard or said these statements "forgive and forget", "let it go". Easier said than done - however, if we know why we should forgive, then taking steps to activate forgiveness then becomes doable. Without a doubt at one time or another we stand in need of desiring to be forgiven, or having to forgive another. Sometimes many times over, and though I believe there are varying levels or depths of forgiveness, the need remains the same.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" (Bible quote) I find that when I'm dealt a blow and feel like I'll never recover, that quote is on my fridge as a reminder for many reasons, but that is one of them. I'm not saying that I forgive immediately, but eventually I do because I would want the same treatment when, not if, but when I hurt some.

I've lived with hurt, nursed the pain, encouraged self-pity and intended that the person who hurt me would pay. I waited, and waited as the months turned into years and my bitterness grew. My reward was self-destruction, time and energy wasted as I remained trapped in my self made prison.

Making the decision to stop this destructive cycle was my gateway, first class ticket to freedom. Depending on the depth of the hurt, the pain may take a while to lessen, the thoughts may take a while to lose their grip on the mind, but it can be done. Yes, you can walk free from the pain of your past or present hurt. You decide! Think about it - the only person you're punishing is you…no, not the person who hurt you- sure, they did an awful thing, but you don't have to remain there. You can change your dwelling place, your clothes, etc. and you can make the decision today to change this area as well, and walk free.

You may not forget, but the effects will stop the control over you. Forgiveness frees you and it's the most vital step towards your wholeness. Enough time has passed, don't put it off any longer - stop letting that hurt control you.

Your freedom, my freedom begins with the act of forgiveness, and together we reap the rewards!

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