Three Secrets to Assure Success in Anything

by Gail Juliano - Date: 2007-04-27 - Word Count: 641 Share This!

Gratitude, Goal, Action

In all conditions, whether of a financial, health, relationship or emotional nature, there are three simple things and easy things you can use immediately to heal and change the condition and the governing pattern.

To move out of a difficult or even painful situation, you must focus on what you want. Stop thinking about what you don't want. The more you think about the painful, dark or fearful aspects, the worse the situation will inevitably become. Think always about what you want. Keep your mind on the most positive outcome. You can form a specific goal, and many say this is the quickest to get to where you want to go. Create a deadline, and then think about it constantly. Picture it in your mind. Think about how you'll feel. What does it feel like to feel like a million bucks, for instance? How does it feel to be in love with someone who treasures and adores you? How does it smell to be sitting behind the wheel of your new car? Cut out pictures. Take note of all similar things you see out in the world. But even if you find you just cannot think about a specific goal, then often, simply thinking about general positive change in your situation can work wonders to turn things around fairly quickly.

The second most useful thing you can do is to be grateful for everything you have. We all know the half-empty, half-full cup theory. If you focus on the half empty (what you don't have) cup, you'll very soon have a totally empty cup. If you focus on the half full (what you do have) cup, you'll very soon see your cup "running over!" Be grateful for your life, your breath, your physical body, no matter its shape. Be grateful for the positive qualities of your family and friends. Be grateful for information that comes to you in books, from a teacher or mentor. And most important of all, be grateful for adversity, and for people who are less than kind or even hateful, rude or hurtful to you. See the possibilities and benefits in every situation, person and challenge with which you are faced. Ask yourself, "What is the benefit?" Or, "How can I best use this?" Gratitude is a positive emotion, which releases positive brain chemicals, which, in turn, increases your health and vitality and inner joy.

So, you're grateful or at least accepting with where you are, and now you want to try something more or different or better. You're grateful; you have a goal for your next step. Now comes time to take some action. If you can plan for the most efficient action, fabulous! But, any positive action at all will lift you above negativity, fear, anxiety, and depression. Though everyone has these times, and it is part and parcel of our life process, staying stuck there can be devastating for us and for those near to us. So, as best you can, just take some action! Take a walk, even if just around the block. Call a friend, or the bill collector, or begin writing. Take your kids to the park. Go test drive that car you've been wanting. Sign up to volunteer a few hours a week. Mail a check to your favorite world project. Make a difference. Take an action!

Knowing where you want to go with gratitude for where you are begins the process. Action begins to move your plan into actual manifestation. The grand thing is, once you take a step, you will have the energy and enthusiasm when you are shown the next step and then the next one. Then, one day your dream will be standing right in front of you. You will own it. It is yours already in mind. And your mind is the most powerful tool you have.

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Gail Juliano is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master in the Usui, Karuna(r), and Shakti traditions. She is the owner of 21 Stones Healing Therapies for Women. You can learn more about these Reiki traditions, her philosophy and contact information at

Gail Juliano, LMT, is a licensed body worker, and has been teaching Reiki principles for over 15 years. She teaches Usui, Karuna(R), and Shakti Reiki systems. She is a story-telling healer and mentor, and has owned several small businesses since 1991.

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