The Number One Key To Success and Happiness-Attitude

by Curt Fletcher - Date: 2007-04-20 - Word Count: 638 Share This!

There is no greater factor in your own success then your own Attitude. Sounds simple, right? Actually it is, but it takes practice and effort. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Have I achieved my Goals?" "Do I have any Goals?" "Am I happy?"

The First thing you need to do is focus on yourself, do not feel bad about doing this. Before you can help others, you first have to help yourself. The way to do this is by changing the way you think, meaning that positive thoughts produce positive energy, which produce positive results.

This takes practice, practice, and then more practice until it's such a habit that you no longer have negative thoughts or premonitions. This does not mean to live in a fantasy world, but rather to just to go into new situations with an open and positive mind.

You need to begin your day with a positive outlook and attitude. This actually starts the night before. To start your day with a good attitude, it is going to require good sleep. This, of course, varies with all of you. Some people require more hours then others, but we all have a certain amount that we need to begin the day refreshed.

What does this mean? For some of you, this means a change in lifestyle. No more staying out till all hours of the night. No more late nights at the local bar and grill or night club, etc… I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is where your success actually starts. For those of you that want to take the next step and begin your walk on the road to success, this simple change in lifestyle will go a long way.

Think about it. If you had a Race Horse that had a legitimate shot at winning the Greatest Race of all, the Kentucky Derby, would you keep him up all night drinking the day before the big race? My guess is no. So why do it to yourself? I can guarantee the night before the final round of the Greatest Event in Golf, The Masters, Tiger Woods is not boozing it up with his friends. He is resting and relaxing. He is placing himself in the best possible situation to win the tournament. To do that, he knows he is going to need maximum energy, effort, and focus.

Believe it or not, this little change in quality hours of sleep per night will not take long before you notice the effects. In the morning, instead of waiting for your alarm to wake you up, you will be waking up your alarm. That groggy feeling that you have when the incessant buzzing of your alarm is bouncing of your bedroom walls will go away and be replaced with immediate morning energy.

Did he just say morning energy? Yes, you will be surprised. Once your body gets used to its new healthy routine; you will awaken with actual energy. Now what do you do with this energy? Simple. Try and get some exercise each morning before you begin to get ready for work. This doesn't mean you need to run five miles and lift weights for two hours. This simply means to go for a light jog or a brisk walk, really any type of activity that you can enjoy that gets your heart rate up for about 15-20 minutes. Why do this? The reason is because Energy feeds Energy. The more energy your body expels; the more energy your body creates. It will generate a natural feeling of Euphoria. The old adage is true about feeling better after a workout.

Think of how much you have already accomplished and the day is still early. The theory in creating a better you and creating positive energy will come through small successes and accomplishments throughout your day.

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Curt Fletcher is a man that has been driven to succeed throughout his life. He strives to change the status quo and push himself and others to reach their full potential. He has created many systems and written several Books that will soon be available. He learned and developed his Software Creations and Database Expertise early in his career at Lockheed Martin.

From there he took a dive into Real Estate and Selling New Homes. This is where he developed his passion for helping others and began to feed his appetite for learning even more. After a successful tenure as a consistant Top Performer, Team Contributor, and Trainer, he took the next step by writing the first of his successful E-Books, "Spreading Hope and Fulfilling Your Dreams." This book and all of Curt Fletcher's Success Strategies can be found at

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