So You Don't Have An Attitude?

by Susan Burgess - Date: 2007-01-18 - Word Count: 633 Share This!

Do you continually find yourself in a situation the can be termed boring?

What about that term "there is no boring situation, only boring people?"

How about the teacher continually saying to the class, "leave your bad attitude at home". Unfortunately for the teacher, all he/she is doing is reinforcing the attitude.

Not sure about your attitude, well what type of person grabs your attention and really motivates you to do something different?

On most occasions this person is full of passion and excitement. Excited for what they are doing and doing what they love with an absolute passion. A passion that gets you and other people inspired.

What is attitude? It is said to be an expression of your emotions, a state of mind or a feeling; it can either be a positive or a negative feeling. Belief, attitude or whatever term you choose is the major problem facing 90 to 95% of the population.

To change your attitude requires just a few things. The first and in my opinion the most important, choose that an attitude change is required. This attitude change is really about how you feel about yourself and the most important step in reaching your success.

Understand that you need to work on both intellectual and motivational change.

Decide what it is you want. Write everything down; in fact write a list of everything you want. These lists become very important, you will find that you will refer back to them time and time again and checking off the items as you accomplish them is a feeling of gratitude that can't really be explained until you experience it for yourself.

Create visual tools, booklets, dream boards, photos of everything you would love to achieve or have, look at it at least twice a day. The power of you creating a conscious awareness of what you want and relating to it over and over again becomes the driving force that activates your actions.

To become self-motivated puts you in control and gives you the power to design your life. Why not take total responsibility for your thoughts.

Develop the leader that is within you, we all have this skill waiting to surface.

Sit back and take a look at your friends and close associates. This can be very hard, but it is the key to attitudinal change. It is said that the five people you spend most time around have a profound influence upon you, if this is a negative influence, then for success to come in to your life you need to spend more time with people who have similar values.

The quality of the expectations your peer group has is what has a major impact on you.

The habits that are learned in your childhood have a great impact on your prospects for good health and long life. Attitude can affect your circulatory system and your immune system. If you have children, you may relate to referring to them as accident prone, keep reinforcing this attitude and the child will continually be facing accidents.

Your personal energy is an important component of both personal and business productivity. By increasing the percentage of time spent in a positive mood, you will improve personal productivity. You may even find that the boss is not that bad after all!

Attitude comes from your mind, you think you're helpless or you think you feel negative towards someone or something. Work from your heart, increase your energy and your whole world becomes positive.

In our society you are continually conditioned to look at the negatives, just take the newspapers you read, or the television shows that you watch, 99% of which have, a negative focus, which over time causes you to increase your attitude more to the negative than the positive.

By focusing more on positive outcomes, you can start ticking off your achievements and living a more successful life.

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