Power Within

by Lynn Bradley - Date: 2007-04-28 - Word Count: 618 Share This!

External circumstances keep us bracing for calamities. Prices keep going up and our bank account keeps going down. Millions try to out guess the stock market. It always seems that the world is on the brink of extinction. More and more countries are developing the bomb that could end it all for mankind. More world leaders seem to have an itchy trigger finger.

We keep looking at the circumstances that have to be dealt with, but the strength for living comes from within. Stability requires a settled philosophy of life. We must have our own standards that guide us. Solid value systems, personal boundaries, spiritual faith, and confidence cannot be easily shaken.

Never go beyond your personal values and boundaries. Integrity requires staying within established guidelines. Resist the urge of being dishonest to make an extra buck. It will come back to haunt you. Dishonesty may gain momentarily, but will backfire when people realize what is happening. It will lessen your spiritual faith, and cause you to think less of yourself.

Having strong faith in the loving, God of heaven gives one the peace and assurance that every thing is under control. It is not possible to know what will happen next, but we can know the one who controls the future. We have the promise that all things will work for the good of those who love and obey him.

To accomplish your goals you must be single-minded. A double-minded person is unstable in all activity. Such a person has no settled principles. He or she is wavering or inconstant, controlled by passion; influenced by popular feeling, inclined first by one opinion or course of conduct, and then to another

Success comes by methodical and consistent application of planned procedure. Being single-minded does not mean that one cannot be flexible. It simply means that one plan at a time must be focused on. If it becomes clear that the course must be changed to go around obstacles that can be done

Concentrate on one project at a time. You cannot pursue two endeavors in opposite directions. Few can successfully manage two parallel undertakings. Most of us have one-tract minds. We have to do one thing at a time. It is a known fact that most automobile accidents are caused by being distracted by something besides driving. This demonstrates the danger of too many projects. Get one well established before starting another.

You must have passion for success, but not be controlled by negative emotions. Listen to doubts just long enough to correct the flaws and then move on with the procedure. Do not be swayed by the opinion of others. There are often nay-sayers on the sideline, but that just means they do not have to the courage to start their own project. Do not jump from one plan to another without giving the first one time to work.

When it becomes evident that your plan is falling short of success, it is time to rethink it. Unforeseen obstacles often occur. It may simply mean a minor adjustment or slight change in direction to correct. If it fails, do not look at it as tragedy, but a learning experience. Everything that happens teaches a lesson if you analyze it carefully. The plan may have failed but you have not unless you quit trying.

People climbing high are told not to look down. The same precaution is advisable for those upset by external circumstances. Observe them but do not let them cause panic. The power to deal with problems comes from within. You may need to react to them, but if you are well educated, look within yourself to analyze and rely on your gut feelings. If not well educated, take steps to learn what is needed.

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