Utopia By Thomas More

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More is a forerunner of communism before Marx decided to toss the idea around in the 1830s. More's Utopia presents the world where there is a nothing short of religious doctrine, not good morality, 'no chances for corruption; no hiding places; no spots for secret meetings'. In other words, alehouses, brothels, and the like are deemed suddenly, outrageously not comprehensive of a utopian state. However, taking this into another light, the aforementioned three dwellings of good cheer do allow the individual, this leech of a utopian state, to indulge in utopia for a limited, spatial moment. More's utopia is otherworldly, and therefore disconnected from the original, more potent state of happiness that earth dwellers connect to in taverns and such.To say that one must enjoy "their leisure in a respectable way" is altogether implying that they know what rules they must abide by. What constitutes respectable? Is he attempting to take heed from Aristophanes' The Birds and have all of civilization in a pleasant tree somewhere? In fact, this utopia he is setting out for the reader in none other than regurgitated Christianity. In other words, why make up a brand new utopia when one already exists in Latin? More is keen to have jolly good time thinking of equality and "plenty of life's good things," however boredom surely would set in when the occupants realize they are but simulacra in relation to their sinful, hedonistic life they left behind. If More wishes to have successful utopia we would join immediately, he must realize the beauty of humanism, and alter accordingly. A utopia's politics cannot remain at a stand still, but must continue to better itself in order to achieve the pleasantries that More wished for. If not, nothing will come about, and it would fall flat, but in the name of progress, which it is missing.

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