Universal Civilization

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Early civilizations of the world were divided and isolated by geographical locations and boundaries, each belonging to continent, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Antarctica, Asia and Africa. Race, nation, ideology, culture and religion further exacerbated such civilization divisions and isolation. However, the astounding impact of Technological Advancement primarily, coupled with society's atmosphere indeed are contributory factors for the world to become a "global village." The once isolated races/inhabitants have come closer with people from the other races irrespective of their creed, religion, culture and beliefs. Futurists, modernists and economic scientists are associating "global village" with the world of tomorrow inhabited with "universal civilization." With the import of human resources or Overseas Foreign Workers,. Europe's and the United States' population now are "Multi-racial" because of workers from the different shores. Other countries like Asia and the middle east has joined the bandwagon of exporting workers. Today, Malaysia has close to 700,000 foreign workers from Indonesia, Burma and the Philippines; Japan 300,000 and Taiwan 200,000. Also, the opening of bilateral, trilateral and multilateral trade agreements pave way for countries and their citizens to become closer such as the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Asian Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) among others . The many nation states are now "networking states" with the opening of trade agreements, tending to become neighbours inter and intra regional. They tend to interface with each other in their working environments and work places. Today, new more industries such as production of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and development of aquaculture or "deep sea" "ocean bed resources" will require more workers. Different industries on the rise tend nations also to change to adopt with other nations to jibe and to be at par with them.

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