Girl Tattoos Tell You Lots About The Girl

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How often, when admiring girl tattoos have you said - It suits you? It happens a lot with girls because, often without knowing, they choose a design that represents their personality and character.

Girl tattoos are considered in depth with lots of thought going into her design, often for weeks, sometimes for months. Men tattoos tend to represent the today and are often chosen on the day. The decision could be to represent a point in his life such as becoming a dad or it could be to represent an achievement such as surving combat or winning a sports event.

A dragonfly has agility and speed and is confident in its ability. If you have ever tried to scare one away you will also know they are stubborn and persistent. For their size, they are very strong with lots of stamina. A girl with a dragonfy tattoo will have some of these qualities.

The beauty which is a butterfly emerges from the caterpiller and the girl who feels she has matured into a lady and is proud of what she has become will be attracted to a butterfly tattoo. A woman with a free spirit, with a love of the countryside and an understanding of mother nature will find the butterfly tattoo hard to resist.

Where the girl tattoos are worn will also say something about her personality. A tattoo on a girls shoulder for instance will mean she is a romantic and maybe a day dreamer but she certainly won't be ashamed to admit either trait.

The dragonfly, butterfly or other animal tattood to a girls chest represent her strong motherly instincts and love of nature while girl tattoos below the navel may represent a return to innocence. On the lower back shows she has a strong faith and would never falter from her beliefs.

Girl tattoos come in many designs and once chosen many will represent a part of the girls character. Perhaps she doesn't yet know why she chose her tattoo but at some stage in her later life she will understand why she finally, after all that deliberation, chose the one she did.

Next time you approach a girl and you see she wears a tattoo, think about what the design represents and then compare it to her personality and put the theory to the test yourself, it works.

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