Writing Abilities Development

by Sharon White - Date: 2007-02-03 - Word Count: 348 Share This!

It has been proved that writing abilities can be developed together with inspiration. A thought that gets impregnated into an author's mind is given birth and raised by the author in the form of a literature. Literature is a form of human expression, which is expressed or visible in every moment of life. Also, author's mind is like an interpreter, which translates the ideas and concepts into written form or literature, with the aid of 'aides'.

An author keeps all his/ her senses in a sentient state and plays a sentinel, to create scenes and sentences, with a correct dose of sensibilities, sentiment and also sensationalism. Most times an author writes about what he sees, feels and lives. So, he is the spy not with the gun but with the pen.

The brain accepts data from eye, ear and nose, and innovates and creates data in a new form, and orders the hand and fingers to do its job. The author can't live secluded; he has to be in the centre of action or even in an overseeing position to Record and write the happenings. In the book, the happenings could be the exact replica but also it could be entirely different, with different views, different sentences, different scenes etc… And the author can make the reader reflect and relate with the characters and the happenings in the book and that is, the true Success of the book. So the author has to experience a lot, to express it through the books. To be successful in authorship, one need to do the job of 'spying', that is observing the world around us, but if the author's job itself is spying for a country's security or intelligence agency, his success will be enhanced. That is, if he/she leads or led a double life of a writer as well as a spy, it will compliment both the works. As, work of a writer includes observing people and needing a rich source of outside information and experience, the spy life will surely aid in these quarters.

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