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As players, we usually trade-in our used games in store (Gamestop/EB) and buy used ones from them. However, there is a huge price discrepancy between how much retail stores sell for games and the trade-in value they offer. It is obviously not in our best interest. Retailers make huge profits over used game sales. The profit they made is the amount we could have saved.

So, let's Google and explore what other alternatives we may have. What I found was a variety of types of trading sites and options:

Sites that pay you cash for your games, such as Amazon. Sites that are more-or-less, online swap meets. Sites that allow you to trade games for points and redeem points for trades, such as goozex. Forums where you post what you have/want.

Actually, the first option is just an online version of trade-in, you can only get just a few bucks for most games. The Second one seemed OK to me: You list the games you have and the games you want, the site matches you with people that have that games you want and want the games you have. The third one is my least favorite given the process is cumbersome. The fact is, it may take a very long time to trade your games for some points.Forums doesn?t work too well either as your post might get lost in hundreds of threads. Finally, I find a better solution, it's The name speaks for itself, it's built for players to trade. At iPlayiTrade, you can buy, sell or trade games directly with other players. Unlike other sites where you have to pay $1 dollar for each trade, iPlayiTrade is free for players to sell or trade their games, and free to list wanted items. It's a combination of classified and auction. If you are unable to trade your games for what you want, you can still sell it for cash. iPlayiTrade supports most of the online and offline payment methods. It also has options for you to arrange a local pick-up deal. Rating/feedback systems are in place so you know with whom to avoid trading. Furthermore, there is no final value fees. iPlayiTrade is more flexible than other options I have mentioned above. Let's take Call of Duty 4 as an example, if you trade-in a COD4 in store, you may get $20(cash or credit); at the same time, another player is paying $40 for this used COD4. The store made $20 profit in total. You can certainly do better than this. At iPlayiTrade, you can sell your COD4 directly to player who wants it; $30 would be a reasonable price for both of you. In this way, you get $10 more, and the buyer save $10. If you trade this game at a trading site for points, you have to toss the game into your offers queue and wait until the system finds a match. It may not take long for a popular game, such as COD4; on the other hand it may take a very long time for unpopular games. If you?re lucky they?ll give you the points immediately. Otherwise, you could end up waiting more than weeks for the system to give you the points. The situation is different when you trade at iPlayiTrade, because you can contact directly with other players, there is no need to wait the system to find a match for you. By using the advanced search at iPlayiTrade, you can easily find the video games you want to buy or trade, and quickly find players who want to trade games with you.There are many search options, you can always combine two or more options together to get a more accurate result.

For example, you can search who wants to sell or trade a "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2". You can find a player who wants to trade a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (COD6) for a "Bad Company 2"?in your location. You can also search the lowest price for a game you want with online payment (PayPal) available.

What I love most about iPlayiTrade is: you can trade games directly with local players. Once you find a player who has the game you want to trade for, you can just contact him/her and arrange a time and a place to meet. If you select "yes" for Local Pickup Available, the search result will show the players who are available for a face to face deal.

One of the nice benefits of iPlayiTrade is that they also providing trading/swapping for PC game, Movies and Toys. It makes possible for you to trade a used game to a Blue-ray movie. If you want to get the most value of your used games, iPlayiTrade is your best choice.?Players possess hundreds of dollars worth of video games and are unaware of their value, having overlooked the growing inventory on their shelves. With the FREE online platform we are providing, players now have the ability to buy/sell/trade video games. We support various online and offline payment method to facilitate transactions. Our unique search feature is allowing players arrange a swap within the same city. The main purpose of iPlayiTrade is to serve the best interest of players.

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