Limousine For Everybody?

by Marco Moura - Date: 2007-05-12 - Word Count: 658 Share This!

Since the first limousines appear, within the automotive development in the end of XIX century and beginning of XX, that they have been used for special events (as public appearances) or extraordinary people (such as nation-state presidents). Since those classic limos a lot of changes have being made in the cars, such as an introduction of several amenities as new seats, more reliable and safe technology in the cars, tv, audio devices and so on. This improvements or changes still seems to point at limousines as special, luxurious, extraordinary vehicles used for extraordinary events.

However maybe more important than the changes in the cars or the chauffeurs, are the changes in the conception of the companies who provide limousine hire services. While in the past hiring a limousine was something that only the people with high social status or finance and economical power could afford, the market is changing today requesting a re-shape of the limousine companies approach and services. Where are this changes pointing out today?

First the continuous development of a strong middle class, in many countries that we are used to call as developed or "first world", with increasing desire and economical power for better lifestyle opened the limo hire market as we never saw before. The hiring of a limousine becomes something quit ordinary for many "common people". Second, besides the enlargement of the number of possible customers, the competition between Limousine companies increase exponential in the last 10-15 years requiring continuous innovation. We can see this changes looking at the internet sites, that many of this companies have. The focus of this re-shaping is being on increase quality and security of the chauffeurs, cars and all the limo service in general; providing easily and direct ways of contact, booking and hiring those companies services on-line; struggling for competitive prices which assure top positions in the global opening markets; improving the appeal of internet windows (sites) concerning on the one hand the importance of achieving good positions in search engines and on the other hand to obtain new customers; some of this companies are being specialize for some special events (like weddings for example) as strategy to obtain secure niche markets; the introduction of blogs, forums or simply informative pages providing access to new information about limos world.

Where are this changes pointing out tomorrow? This re-shape of the limousine companies today shows a concern in targeting a much more vast market as 20 or 30 years ago providing good quality and security services at competitive prices (prices affordable to many persons as possible) in parallel with a more easy, direct and closest way of hiring. This shows a great movement towards global economy in general and recreational business in particular of what I call - democratization of global resources and services - which means a boom in economical business sources together with a vast and increasing number of consumers within a fast dynamic of changes in the offering - demanding social complex. Concerning the limousines business of tomorrow we have to be aware the continuity with the features we are already saw more or less clear today (as mention above) and also the new features that will bring the new competition arenas of the limo companies. These new features and arenas are being built upon information and knowledge about the limousines services being provided in an interactive way by both professionals of the area and not specialize authors (as costumers); the companies also have to adapt their services to a more personalize demand (which includes age, events, number of costumers, taste, pre-requirements made by the costumers among others).

As a conclusion we can say Limo Companies are facing the ultimate challenge that is trying to provide everyone the opportunity of hiring a limo transforming the old concept of "limos as cars for the special ones" into a guideline focuse in showing that "everyone is special enough to demand the kind of quality that limousine services are offering".

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