Geting Your Car Ready to Sell

by Dennis James - Date: 2007-01-25 - Word Count: 506 Share This!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but a trashed out car will never sell, except for parts. Remember, when a buyer comes to see your car or truck they do not want to see a mud covered vehicle with enough trash in the trunk and seats to fill up a dumpster. They want to see a pretty, clean vehicle they would look good driving around town.

This does not mean that you need to repair every dent and put on brand new tires but you should make the car look presentable like a teenager getting ready for a date.

Here's a quick list of things you should do:

1. Give the car a good bath inside and out. Open up the doors and clean any piece of metal of you see. Shampoo the carpet and if possible try to repair any tears in the upholstery. Remember when you are giving your car a bath wash the wheels and tires, if the wheels are bad, you may wish to invest in new ones.

2. Clean out the trunk. Check to ensure the spare tire has air, you have a jack and lug wrench.

3. Open the hood. Clean all parts of the motor you can. Check the water, oil, transmission fluid, and wipe the engine down.

4. Okay, do not go overboard on the cleaning. If you clean, too much the buyer may think you are hiding something.

5. Place an air freshener in the car especially if you or friends have smoked in the car.

6. Get together all paperwork such as invoices for repairs, oil changes, service book and any other papers the buyer may wish to see.

These are just the basics. If you can repair any scratches on the paint or replace parts without going overboard this will also give you more money. Such items as car door handles, rear view mirrors, floor mats, etc... are not that expensive to replace and will make the vehicle more presentable.

Things not to do:

1. Do not use a shiny cleaner for the upholstery.
2. Do not repair major dents
3. Do not try to cover up problems with the vehicle
4. Don't buy new tires , unless it's really needed for example there bald an unroad worthy.

Using a shiny cleaner will have the buyer thinking you are trying to unload a lemon on him or her.

Spending money on new tires, fixing major dents or even covering up problems will cost you more money than it will be worth in the long run. You may find out that you will then not get your moneys worth out of the car after you spend such a large amount sprucing up the car.

Buyers know they are purchasing a used car; however, they want to buy a used vehicle that has been cared for not abused. Do your best to make your car looked cared for without over doing.

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