It Is All About Customer Wants And Needs.

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All too often, you receive sales literature or read websites telling you plenty about the advertiser's business with barely a mention of how that's going to help the customer. If you fail to make the connection between the value of your products or services and the needs of a prospective customer, the more likely you are to lose a sale and drive them to your competitors. To avoid this one-sided approach to advertising, use the 'features and benefits' strategy to help your customers understand how the features of your products and services can benefit them.

Regardless of the media you choose, deliver your sales message in a way that explains how your products and services will fulfil the needs and wants of your target audience. First, tell them about the key features. For example, "Our light bulbs consume less power and are twice as bright compared with standard incandescent bulbs."

After you have talked about the product features, tell them what's in it for them by purchasing it. "When you buy our light bulbs, you save electricity and replace them less often, saving you money. Everyone likes to save money and a product that offers improved quality at a reduced price will make a quick sale.

Be sure your benefit statements are crystal clear. If a customer fails to understand all the true benefits, you will probably lose a sale. By telling them how they will benefit using your products and services, you increase your chances of increasing your sales.

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