Nature At A Standstill

by Cathy Peterson - Date: 2007-01-13 - Word Count: 417 Share This!

Many people will agree that nature is a beautiful, relaxing thing. Many will risk their lives to go into the woods to take pictures of nature. They may do this for many reasons. One major reason is usually for a television show, magazine or newspaper. These people take a chance on getting killed in order to take close-up pictures of dangerous animals such as tigers, lions, bears, etc. Some even get a thrill out of the danger that is involved in getting so close to these predatory animals. Even though the photographers only have good intentions and only want to take photos of the animals, unlike hunters, the animals have no way of knowing this. If these animals see a person lurking around in their habitats, with all their weird-looking gear, the animal sees the person as a threat and this will cause the animal to attack, many times.

The infamous Steve Irwin was a real risk-taker when it came to being in close proximity of dangerous animals. People probably predicted that he would someday get killed by one of those dangerous animals, although most people probably expected for him to get killed by a crocodile or some other reptile that he did shows about, not a stingray. This simply proves just how dangerous being near these animals makes them feel that people are a threat, which makes them feel uneasy and more likely to kill those nearby.

Other people simply like to take picture of trees, plants, birds and other small, harmless animals. People who do this are usually doing it as a hobby, and not for a living like the individuals who risk their lives. People who simply enjoy nature will love to photograph waterfalls, as well. There have been people who have nearly wrecked their cars as they drove around curves, as they looked in awe at the beautiful waterfalls. Instead of risking their lives to enjoy nature, people like this need to buy some camera equipment, in order to take pictures of such beauty. They can then create screensavers and backgrounds for their computers or share the beautiful pictures with family and friends.

Fishing, boating or simply having a picnic in the woods or at a park are other ways to enjoy nature. The tranquility of being in a remote area, listening to birds chirp and water flow can really relieve stress in many people. They just need to make sure to have some good camera equipment to capture their experience, and possibly create a scrapbook

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