Dance Shoe Shopping For Beginners

by Jena Luthovski - Date: 2007-01-18 - Word Count: 425 Share This!

When your child decides they want to tale up dance lessons, the most important piece of equipment you are going to need to purchase will be the shoes. The right shoe makes a difference is ease of learning and quality of performance.

If your child is looking into ballet, a simple soft beginner's shoe is all they will need for at least the first two years. The shoes that have the hard toes are called pointe shoes and are for advanced dancers and should your child reach that point you will be readily informed. To begin ballet, a well fitting soft shoe with a slight strap across the bridge will suffice.

Tap shoes are a little more complicated. There are obvious choices of tap shoes for boys and tap shoes for girls. There is also a unisex shoe that will fit either gender and is appropriate for either gender. Girl's shoes have heels and most instructors prefer that girls at least learn the basics in the gender specific shoe. Taps may or may not come attached to the shoe. You will need a specialized shoemaker to attach the taps in the appropriate place at the correct angle.

Jazz shoes are simple. They are a soft basic shoe and most jazz dance shoes can be found in any specialty store and some major chain stores in their dance section. They are a supple, usually black shoe, with a medium grip sole. It is however, necessary to purchase the actual dance shoe and not the discount store look alike made for everyday use.

Hip-hop lessons typically do not require a special shoe. However for accuracy and quality practice time a special pair of regular sneakers or basic dance shoe should be kept. For a subjective study such as hip-hop, each instructor has their individual preferences. It is best to ask them for theirs and follow their directions.

Though few children entertain ballroom dancing, those who do tend to really enjoy it. There is a specialized ballroom dancing shoe for both boys and girls. These can typically be found at any dance supply store. A good quality, girl's medium heel is appropriate for learning, while boys will need a sturdy flat ballroom dance shoe. Aiming for a medium price range will provide the basic shoe necessary.

If you run into any unusual choices while dance shoe shopping or are just overwhelmed with the options, most dance supply companies employ knowledgeable staff that can assist you in the selection and fitting process. Always have the child with you so that proper fitting can be accomplished.

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