Cameras And Crimes

by Cathy Peterson - Date: 2007-01-14 - Word Count: 408 Share This!

Cameras are a big part of every person's life. Even if they're not into taking photos of them selves and their families, which most people are, there are still reasons that people have to be photographed. Employee badges and driver licenses are just a few reasons. Some people use cameras for their profession, which could be for photography, such as for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, etc. Others use cameras simply to take family and individual portraits in a studio. There are so many positive ways for people to use cameras, but unfortunately there are some mentally deranged people out there who only have sick and criminal intentions.

Sometimes voyeuristic people get thrills out of watching and capturing other people without the person's knowledge. They may use telescopes to gaze at people who live nearby while they are in various stages of undress. Some of these perverts will only watch, which is still a crime, but other bolder ones will actually take photographs of them. This is a horrible crime, as well as a violation of one's privacy. But if a person is suffering from a mental illness, he or she doesn't have the mental capacity to even care what they are doing.

Sometimes these mentally deranged voyeurs will simply keep all of the pictures that they take, to get some type of sick pleasure out of them. Other unstable voyeurs will take the photos and publish them on adult websites, while the person in the photo is totally oblivious. This can be very embarrassing, frustrating and devastating for a victim, and could even destroy their reputation. Friends and family may think that the victim put the photos on such a site them self.

Cameras, telescopes, and similar equipment is fun to use, but if abused, they could really hurt innocent people. People should take precautions to protect them selves from these voyeuristic individuals. These individuals do exist, and they will prey on people when their guard is down-when they least expect it. One important and obvious way to prevent a voyeur from targeting you is to keep your doors and windows tightly shut and locked, especially at night. And one really important one: Make sure you put up some good sturdy blinds to prevent anyone from being able to look in at you without your knowledge. Many people like having see-through curtains or other window treatments, but voyeurs love this because it makes it easier for them to target you.

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