The Original Mother's Ring. Doesn't She Deserve The Original?

by Varouge Baghdassarian - Date: 2007-08-16 - Word Count: 406 Share This!

We all know that a wedding ring signifies marriage, but is there a ring to symbolize motherhood? Of course, more commonly known and recognized as a mother's ring. The mother's ring should be held in high esteem, for it characterizes momentous milestones of representing a mother's commitment to her husband and children.

The Mother's Rings... an exquisite gift she will cherish forever!

Whether you have a small family or large, we offer an extensive selection of absolutely stunning mother's jewelry pieces.

In 1958 Valmore and Emile Guertin created The Original Mother's Ring. As Val presented the ring to his wife on Mother's Day, she was moved by this unique piece of jewelry representing her and Valmore, joined together by the birthstone of their three daughters--she was inspired by his originality.

Guertin Brothers has been America's sole manufacturer and distributor of this unique and classical expression of appreciation for nearly a half century. Since its creation, millions of mothers have included the Original Mother's ring as part of their jewelry collection. V and R Jewelry is proud to be a part of the success.

This ring varies in appearance depending on the number of stones customized to represent family members. The Original Mother's ring can be created with any combination of birth stones and precious metals, 10 karat or 14 karat white or yellow gold. The yellow gold rings have white gold settings for the stones, this is to hold up tight the two bands together, and the white gold rings are all white. A beneficial advantage of this Mother's Ring is the ability to incorporate stone additions. As your family grows, so can the ring. For a nominal fee, stones can be replaced, rearranged or added with genuine or simulated birth stones.

The Original Mother's Ring is a dramatic expression of family love and an all time classic design. This popular heirloom ring is created from two gold bands symbolizing Mother and Father and set with genuine colored birthstones representing the birth month of each child or grandchild, making it an authentic keepsake mother's jewelry.

It's a mother's love that is the foundation to every family. The Original Mother's Ring is the perfect gift for any mother to express her love and devotion…. every time Mom looks at her ring, she will think about her family - this personalized ring will be a very special gift, she will always treasure.

This year inspire Mom with the Original Mother's Ring from

Doesn't she deserve the Original?

Varouge has graduated in jewelry design from Instituto Genas in Mestre-Venezia Italy. He and his wife operate a fine jewelry store in Los Angeles. To learn more about The Original Mother's Ring and Mothers Jewelry visit
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