Only Two Things Can Guarantee A Bright Future, By A Man Who Outshines The Brightest Star

by Diana Barnum - Date: 2007-06-17 - Word Count: 398 Share This!

This month when I attended the 2007 American Christian Writer's Columbus Conference here in Ohio, I listened to speaker Dr. Dennis E. Hensley. (His credentials follow in a sec…)

If you haven't heard this gentleman speak, here's a tip I learned from others who have and from Dr. Hensley himself, as I rushed to grab a pencil and paper to take notes during his presentation the first time I heard him at a conference a couple years earlier:

"Don't even try to take notes," Dr. Hensley advised. "You won't be able to keep up."

And wow, he was correct! This man speaks in a way that I've never heard before. He tells the audience specific steps, points, anecdotes, jokes, solutions, how-to's and so much more…jam packaged into one power-packed presentation. He presents solid business advice that works, solid business advice on what doesn't work... guaranteed to keep even the sleepiest person wide awake.

And there is no fluff. All solid content for audiences worldwide:

* * *

Dr. Dennis E. Hensley is the author of six novels, 36 nonfiction books, more than 3,000 freelance newspaper and magazine articles, newspaper columns, several recorded Gospel tunes, one stage musical, and several scripts.

Dr. Hensley holds four university degrees in communications, including a Ph.D. in literature and linguistics from Ball State University, where he was named "Distinguished Doctoral Graduate in English." He is director of the professional writing major at Taylor University Fort Wayne, where he is a professor of English.

* * *

A main point that Dr. Hensley mentioned at his presentation was this, "Only two things can guarantee a bright future: groundwork (efficient planning) and action (work). And he offered a Daily Schedule and Planner page he uses regularly to attendees for peanuts (like $2).

Of course I snagged one and revised it for entrepreneurs. In brief, you must cover these areas of focus each day and insert your daily tasks or To Do's accordingly:

1) Admin / Planning / Delegate: Outsource, Helpers or Employee
2) Focus on Growth: Products, Services, Your Business, Your Knowledge, Your Skills
3) Marketing and Sales: do something every day.
4) Client / Project Work - meet your deadlines.
5) Misc - save a little room for emergencies each day.

So here's to groundwork (efficient planning) and taking action (work) - - Cheers (mug of root beer held high!) And Cheers to Dr. Dennis Hensley, who helps others reach out and shine - with our own projects and other endeavors, too.

By Diana Barnum, Freelance Writer. To help you with your groundwork and action steps on your own projects, visit & http://www.movingaheadblog.comn
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