Wise Words From My Dad, A Self Employed Business Man From Kentucky, Who Just Passed Away

by Diana Barnum - Date: 2007-06-13 - Word Count: 326 Share This!

This week brings in communications from family members as my dad just passed away. And there's one thing I notice as people get together during period of grief, they recall fond memories to help them get through the rough times like these. So I want to share one fond memory I have of my dad, a self employed business man from Kentucky:

My dad and I had a few discussions during my high school years about retirement. You see, being self employed pretty much the entire time I'd known him, my dad had a goal to retire at 40. However, it took a little longer than that and included many moves and different types of work ventures over the decades.

Once while he was in his 40's, I asked him what he felt his greatest challenge was, why he couldn't reach his goal by 40, he told me this, ""One of the hardest things in life is staying put and making things work."

Staying put and making things work - - I think that was hard for him, and it is hard for everyone. One of life's challenges, I guess. Staying put doesn't refer to just location, I don't believe. It also refers to staying put on each task through to completion, each project until it's done. I mean, I have to ask myself how many projects do I try to tackle in a day, a week, a month, a year? Do I stay put, complete them, make them work? Hmmmm…plenty of room to grow there!

So here's to staying put in all our endeavors until we make things work, even if it takes just a little bit longer - - Cheers (mug of root beer held high!) And Cheers to that self employed business man from Kentucky who lead the way for me and many others in the world of self employment! May you enjoy your retirement with the Lord now and let Him take care of you while you rest in peace.

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