Carhartt Jeans For Your Body Type

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The Carhartt Company offers blue jeans for women in multiple sizes and styles. Ranging in size from 0-20 with inseams as low as 28" and as long as 36". There is a Carhartt jean to fit just about any shape or form. Even with such a range of sizes it may be hard to determine which fit of Carhartt jeans is just right for you. Below are some suggestions to find the Carhartt jeans that will perfectly suit your body type.

Long and Lean

Of course if you are lucky enough to have this much sought after figure then just about any jean fit will work for you. You just want to make sure you are able to get a long enough pant leg. Carhartt jeans have inseams that go up to 36".

If you are 5'4" or shorter Carhartt jeans has just your style. Obviously you want a jean with a short inseam. Carhartt jeans have inseams as short as 28". If you cannot find a style that is short enough then go for the longer version and have the jeans hemmed. Just make sure you opt for the straight cut over the boot cut, as they are easier to shorten.

The Tummy Bulge

Purchase a boot-cut jean because the flare at the bottom of the jean will help balance out that extra bit of tummy. Also look for a jeans that closes across your waist instead of above or below your waistline.

Hipping Out

If your hips are on the voluptuous side look for a jean with a slightly lower waist that fits comfortably without creating a muffin top. A straight leg will work much better as it will create a longer leg and decrease the width of your hips. Stay away from boot cut jeans, as they will only make your thighs seem larger.

Bubble Butt

If you have a bigger booty then stay away from jeans with back pockets that call attention to your behind. Do not purchase jeans with flap pockets or with pockets that have a lot of decoration on them. Carhartt jeans will suit the fanny of any woman, as the pocket design is simple and not ostentatious.

Top Heavy Troubles

For those of you with a larger upper body it is best to draw attention downward. Look for the Cataract jeans in lighter denim colors. The lighter color will also balance out your body better and help make your top appear smaller.

Cutting Crotch

If you find the only trouble you have when you purchase jeans is a pulling or tightness in the crotch, it could be because your body is longer and you have short legs. Try purchasing Carhartt jeans in a petite size regardless of your height.

Not only does Carhartt have jeans to suite every body type but we can also provide jeans to suit any environment or activity. Some of our jean styles come with multiple pockets for holding tools or other equipment. In addition if you find yourself in a frigid environment, you can purchase out toasty flannel lined jeans and stay warm all day.

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