Concept Vehicles From Honda at Tokyo Auto Saloon 2007

by Correy Putton - Date: 2007-01-27 - Word Count: 490 Share This!

In the continuing success story of the Japanese car company, Honda, they announced recently that they will be showing off four new concept vehicles at the Tokyo Auto Saloon 2007. This is just what anyone who knows how Honda approaches such motor shows would expect. For years, they have dazzled the public with completely cool concept cars. And this year will not be an exception to the kind of hype that is generated by Honda's new concept vehicles which includes 3 cars and a scooter.

All of the said vehicles were developed by the Honda Access Corporation, a fully owned subsidiary of the automotive giant which manufactures high performance Honda parts and other aftermarket products.

On display will not only be these concept vehicles but also customized versions of some of the cars that Honda has in the market today. Also included are genuine Honda accessories which vary from entertainment systems to navigation devices which are offered as treats for Honda lovers.

The concept vehicles that will be displayed are the Forza 2-seater scooter, the Fit Daily Active, the Stream Hyper Sport and the Stream Exclusive. All of which carries the same philosophy infused into it by Honda's engineers - make the vehicle more personal. They also carry technological treats for the users, giving them an enjoyable and comfy ride, whether it be on a scooter (Forza), a small car (Fit Daily Active), or a minivan (Stream Hyper Sport and Stream Exclusive).

The Fit Daily Active concept vehicle, for example, is loaded with features aimed at the youth of today, not lacking in gaming and communications features. It also comes with an entertainment system good enough for all age levels. The Stream Hyper Sport minivan is also loaded with technological features, offering mobile communication compatible with the AVN driving information system it has. When it comes to entertainment systems, the vehicle offers each passenger a personalized audio and visual entertainment package. The Stream Exclusive, on the other hand, boasts of a luxurious interior and jaw dropping design of the exterior while still offering the premium in audio and video experience with its 17 inch-wide screen and awesome audio system to back it up.

The Forza 2-seater concept scooter from Honda is really one of a kind; it is something everybody would like to have. You can carry around on it the portable AVN entertainment system which the Fit Daily Active also sports. It also has information-related functions which can be very much considered to be an essential to safe city driving. Driver and passenger communication is made possible by the advanced inter-communication system that comes with the vehicle. Music likewise can be shared by both the driver and passenger thanks to the front and rear speakers.

All these and more will be displayed by Honda at the Tokyo Auto Saloon this year. Another year for this forward thinking company to show to the public what they can do and what they can offer us.

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