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There are a few things to consider before purchasing an extended or new car warranty. Car buyers often make the mistake of purchasing warranties that they know very little about.

Before making that decision, it is important to understand the warranty and what value it has for you. An extended automobile warranty will give you protection past the dealership warranty. Aside from many benefits and features, an extended warranty will give you the flexibility and comfort of having your car repaired at the licensed center of your choice.

There are several benefits to an extended warranty. They include 24 Hour Roadside Assistance, repairs for any mechanical breakdowns, replacement of oil or any other fluids and towing to a repair shop in the event of an accident. There are car rental and trip interruption benefits with an extended warranty.

As with any contract, make sure to read the fine print and know exactly what your extended auto warranty service plan covers before purchasing. You might find there are many items not listed within your warranty.

Ask yourself what it is you are looking for in an extended warranty, other than Roadside Assistance, car rentals and emergency towing, because sometimes those are the only perks being offered.

The internet can be an important tool in researching auto warranties. Be cautious while reading different websites, but take note of all of the tips on purchasing these extended auto warranties online. Many companies will offer warranties online, just make sure you have found the on that fits your needs.

It's never a good idea to go with the first company you come across. The best company to go with would be the one that keeps its balances high enough to cover any repair costs that might be accrued in the future. Warranty brokers, insurance groups and your car dealership all offer auto warranties.

It might be in your best interest to go with an outside company when purchasing your warranty. If your dealer is offering you an extended car warranty, it's usually at your expense. This yields an increase in their profits by including the warranty in the financing for your total purchase cost of the vehicle.

If you decide to shop around for different sources that can provide your auto warranty, consider a credit union or Internet sources. Buyers typically can negotiate within one-third of a margin of the auto warranty. Expect to pay less towards an extended warranty if your vehicle is low on mileage and age.

Finally, make sure to read the service contracts that are included with the manufacturer's warranty. On average these will provide coverage for three years or 36,000 miles or whichever is first. If you typically find yourself trading in your car just about every three years, then an extended auto warranty probably wouldn't make much sense. Within those new years cars experience little to no trouble.

Yet if you like to hang on to your purchase past the three year or 36,000 mile mark, really consider purchasing a new car warranty. It might be the best thing to help extend the life of your car.

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