Internet Marketing's Cross Selling Tactics

by Joel Christopher - Date: 2007-07-19 - Word Count: 490 Share This!

What is cross selling?

There is really no clearcut definition on cross selling, but it is one effective technique when it comes to internet marketing. It is the process by which you identify the customers who are interested in a certain set of products and then you go and branch out by means of selling similar material.

This is the trend when it comes to Internet, be it in surfing for information or for buying products. You try to find one area, and then you end up purchasing and getting something else completely different.

Cross selling is the tactic which harnesses that natural inclination of Internet users to deviate from their original object. In a way, you may consider that distraction, but if it is closely related to what they were seeking, then that is not too bad.

Why it works

As mentioned earlier, you will find that most people are very flexible when they surf the Internet for various stuff. For the layman, it may seem like a random series of clicks. But from the vantage point of an internet marketer, you will find that you can actually make use of this seemingly "random" series of clicks of your prospects into a trail to your internet marketing success.

You will find that most people who buy products related to what you are selling are more likely to help bring their prospects to your page, if you link up and be open for mutual cross selling of products. The beauty of cross selling is that it is both an instant sale and a follow up all rolled into one.

How you use it

Cross selling can occur by linking up and making your autoresponders correspond to it. All your programs, your Ezines, your mini-courses and all other techniques of following up your leads may be used to cross sell.

Harness also the power of other people who are working at your target market, make business ventures that will enable you to cross sell to their websites.

Combined leads are more powerful than relying on the list you have made for yourself. Be confident with your cross selling techniques so that it will really work well with you.

When to use it

You can cross sell in the beginning, but most internet marketers find it viable to cross sell when they have already established themselves in their target market. This is really understandable since you'll find that people won't be willing to make tie ups for cross selling if you haven't earned their trust yet.

To cross sell is somehow one of the best ways to do followup. You may get tired of doing the same old thing. Prospects also need a bit of variety, and you can provide this and at the same time maintain your internet marketing savvy by means of creative cross selling of your products.

Another obvious advantage is that you will actually get to expand from within your range.

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