Make Sure You Buy A Sauna Belt For The Right Reason

by Ann Marier - Date: 2007-04-11 - Word Count: 457 Share This!

Making the rounds among infomercials and websites these days is the sauna belt, which claims to be an effective weight loss and weight training tool. The sauna belt, which resembles a thick belt that can be fastened around the waist or legs, has been in the past marketed as a way to use heat therapy to aid weight loss through sweating and in order to increase muscle mass through helping muscles to contract. Despite the lofty claims, sauna belts don't actually do what they've been originally marketed to do. Before you purchase a sauna belt, be sure to buy it for the right reasons rather than what they claim to do.

The Claims

The sauna belt, as marketed in the United States, Canada, and other countries, claims to use heat to melt away fat in sessions of about 50 minutes long. The website for the belt makes claims to be great for targeting specific areas of the body in order to allow people to reduce fat and cellulite to accommodate those with a particular area they wish to tone. Presumably, the marketing strategy chosen works off the perception that people consider heat to be the source of getting rid of body fat through a misinterpretation of the phrase "burning the fat."

The Reality

The truth is, a sauna belt isn't the key to weight loss or muscle gain, and though the claims of results for the sauna belt sound great, the truth is that lower weight and higher muscle tone can only be achieved through eating right and exercising. The only thing truly capable of burning fat in your body is exercise, since burning fat is the process your body goes through to convert fat to energy when you put your body under a strain, such as running or lifting weights. The sauna belt itself is more of a strap-on heating pad, and the only accurate effects that it can lay claim to is the use of heat to ease muscle pain and tension.

The Consequences

The sauna belt has been subject to claims against its infomercial advertising in the United Kingdom, which disputed the claims of the belt to be able to burn fat and increase muscle tone. As a result of the investigation by the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority, it was determined that the claims of the sauna belt to be able to promote weight loss were false and the company producing the infomercials in the United Kingdom were ordered to cease their false claims. Based on this, as a consumer your best bet for losing weight is to eat right and exercise, and if you want something to provide heat for your body, consider a sauna belt, or save money and purchase a simple drug store heating pad instead.

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