Types Of Brogues

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If you're one to follow footwear fashion trends closely, you must know that brogues are fast becoming the talk of the town. From fashion ramps to celebrities, every one seems to have taken a liking to these shoes and it looks like they just can't get enough! Whether it is in America, UK or the rest of the world, their popularity has reached new limits.

There are many options available when it comes to shopping for brogues. Originally the worker's shoe that originated in the countryside of Scotland and Ireland, these shoes have come a long way. They are essentially leather shoes with laces and perforations, marked in a distinct 'W' shape. The sole is soft and with a little heel, and these are available in black and brown shades for men.

The most traditional form of this footwear was that of Ghillie brogues. These shoes had laces along the instep but no tongue. Derived from the Scottish word 'gille' or Irish word giolla' meaning 'lad', these were popular amongst the working class, who worked outdoors in the damp countryside. The perforations were originally created to drain out water from the shoe, but have now turned into the distinctive feature of the shoe.

Leather brogues are considered to be all-season shoes and look classy and sophisticated in formal gatherings. Even women have ample choice in this range with specially designed shape and colors, to suit feminine tastes. As long as they are paired with the right attire and occasion, they are sure to make a style statement! Suitable for men and women of all ages, these shoes are becoming the favorite formal footwear for many. Brogues are often referred to as the all-weather shoes and are made from genuine leather, known to be extremely durable.

Brogues have gone through a lot of innovation by shoe designers, and today there are even casual versions of this shoe available, such as in the form of sneakers. These are a hit among the younger generation, especially college students. They are also offered in vibrant colors such as blue, white and even red! Crossover lacing is still prevalent among most youngsters and people with a bold sense of fashion.

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