Sugar Boots - Bitten By The Anime Bug

by Jenny Brooks - Date: 2007-06-16 - Word Count: 292 Share This!

First came Akira, widely regarded as one of the finest works of Anime ever made. Then came the international crazes known as Pokémon and the sensory overloading Tamagochi. Now, a boots company in the west, Sugar Boots, brings you the latest colorful craze to emit from the Far East. Sugar Boots presents the "Origami Boot Camo", an easy-on-the-eye yet thoroughly distinct boot, inspired by the art form that Japan made its own in the 80's.

Bringing you the latest in trendy and artistically sophisticated footwear, Sugar Boots has, with this latest release, truly raised the bar in style and convenience, as well as keeping the stable and durable design that has cemented the status of Sugar Boots as a leading brand in shoes and boots.
As with the cultural classics that it follows, the "Origami Boot Camo" is, with its special 'Vulcanized' rubber midsole and outsole, destined for longevity and popularity in your wardrobe. It's camouflage pattern is highly versatile, easily adaptable to any outfit you want to wear, as well as being a striking pattern to find on footwear.

Sugar Boots - Leaders in Cultural Diversity

Sugar Boots are seemingly destined to be a sure-fire hit with a culturally diluted populous in the United Kingdom, and even more so in the United States of America, where Anime is on the verge of exploding into prominence. It seems that for Sugar Boots, the sky may very well be the limit.
There may be some skepticism from critics and competition that Sugar Boots may be too outlandish or possibly even too generic compared to rival brands. One thing is certain, however. While Sugar Boots continue to dream up such idiosyncratic designs, then they will surely remain as a leader in cultural diversity in the footwear market.

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