It Is Often A Misunderstanding That Hair Lose Is Unimportant Thing

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Some people think they can protect hair from damage by drinking water, correcting wash method involving shampoo. It is also a misconception that one will not suffer hair damage by maintaining a hair style for a long time. Then, are those who use CHI Flat Iron to beautify themselves suffer hair damage?

It is a common sense that women like to make hair styles. For women, they want to become the focus everywhere, particularly in the streets where there are a great number of people. For girls, changing hair styles is for the purpose of satisfying their conceit. This phenomenon makes salons boom. For a majority of women, it is easy to use CHI Nano Ceramic Flat Iron at home. However, because they are afraid of damaging their hair when straightening at home, they still are willing to go to the barber's.

Actually, by using the CHI Original Cermic Flat Iron correctly, the hair won't be damaged. The following steps can protect your hair from damage.

1. Have a clean and smooth hair
You can achieve this by washing your hair and applying shampoo and conditioner. Different people have different preference in brands, types and styles. Just use what you like to.
2. Towel your hair dry before using a CHI Flat Iron
There are some key points you should follow in blowing dry your hair. First use a dryer attachment which will make sure that the dryer blow in the same direction. Do not flip your hair while drying because it will make your hair frizzy and difficult to be straightened.
3. Section your hair
As long as your hair is fully dry it is easy for you to divide it into a few sections, for instance, 4 sections. After deciding which section to be straightened first, use headb+ands to tie other sections back so as to help you focus on the section you are going to straighten.
4. Brush the section you are handling with to get rid of tangles
Straighten the section you have brushed thoroughly from the base that is close to your scalp. Be careful and make sure you do not burn your scalp. Move
CHI Digital Ceramic Flat Iron slowly and carefully through the hair to ends. Make sure that the hair of a section is no too thick or you man over heat your hair.
5. Repeat step 4 with another section
6. Condition after straightening your hair
It is not finished when you straighten you hair. You should use a protective spray or serum, cooling off the heated hair so as to make CHI Flat Iron Pink Dazzle Limited Edition shiny and soft.

At last, make sure that you purchase a right hair straightener. On the market, CHI Flat Iron, GHD straighteners are very healthy for hair. Make a thorough research before you buy any.

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