What Is The Best Brand Of Shoes?

by Roberto Bell - Date: 2007-07-02 - Word Count: 287 Share This!

Does anyone have experience with both Nike and adidas? I want what I think is called a "comfort shoes" - I don't want to bend

over and kill my lower shoes, and I want a comfort and good design is everything. I can only afford a low-end shoes at a Nike shop - approximately $150.

One local Nike shop in the city near me carries a New-Released Jordan Shoes in my price range and that's what they recommend. My son recently bought a Specialized Nike Dunks at a different shop and believed them when they say Specialized is a better shoes. I looked at one today and it

does seem like it's a better shoes, but it's hard to tell without seeing them right next to each other.

I've been looking on the web and haven't found much information. It seems that most info is about shoes for serious

collector, and it seems that every shoe shop or web site has a brand they like best - kind of like people prefer Nike, Adadas

The prices of these two shoes are only $10 apart, because I can get a 15 percent discount at the store that carries the

Specialized shoes. Also, I can get a free helmet at the shop that carries the Specialized shoes. Both brands have a lifetime

guarantee on the frame, and both shops offer free lube & minor tune-up as long as I own the shoes.
Like I said, the Specialized Jordan Shoes does seem better, but that shoe shop is also farther from my home.
Want to know why everyone loves Nike Shoes, who wears Adidas shoes, or why Manolo Blahnik shoes are so coveted? Or maybe you

just want to find the best deal on some Ugg boots.

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