Prom Shoes: Right On Picking The Essential Style For You

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Everyone focuses on the dress, but, what about your prom shoes? Usually, girls pick their designer prom dress, then fix upon the shoes to match, making sure that the color and design match the dress. However, is this the right way to do it? Are you potentially missing out on a huge opportunity?

Still, never ignore the fact that you will not just stay in one corner and get bored. You will spend the entire night on the dance floor. Therefore, selecting the right prom shoes is very important to acquire the right balance of style and comfort.

Once you have your prom shoes picked out, its time to wear them. Yes, well prior to the prom. The last thing you need are blisters on your big day. Get comfortable in your new formal shoes so that when Prom Day shows up, you're ready to slip on your magic slippers.

Buying the perfect prom shoes is not impossible. All you need to do is follow some tips and tricks from fashion experts. Keep in mind that your feet will look elegant and sexy, complementing with your evening dress, and make you comfortable while dancing and walking.

Some women think that wearing prom shoes is a sacrifice for them since 80 percent of the shoes for spectacular occasions are really uncomfortable. However, for beauty's sake, they will rather endure sore feet than look unfashionable.

Don't feel upset; just follow these 3 suggestions to find the perfect prom shoes for you.

1. Select shoes with wedge heels to stay comfortable. Although the heels are high, walking is easy without bothering the height too much. In addition, wedge-heel shoes are pretty fashionable.

2. Get your prom dress first. Match the prom shoes to it. Never reverse the process since it would be extremely hard to find colors that would perfectly match. However, go for complementary colors. Evening shoes that are black are very classic and work best with dark colored outfits. Go for ivory shoes instead of pure white if you are going to wear a pastel colored dress.

3. Keep away from straps. The look can be sexy however it causes pain. Select dress shoes with an enclosed, longer toe opening. This style looks very elegant.

You're going to spend enough money on your dress and your shoes. So do yourself a favor, make sure they are something that you can also wear after your prom. Why not? They'll be stylish, comfortable and well worn in after a night of dancing.

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