Merrell Shoes - Not Just Outdoor Styles

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Merrell shoes have always been known for producing great outdoor footwear, but not a lot of people know that they also produce a fantastic range of street/fashion shoes.
Here's a quick breakdown of the different styles of Merrell shoes (street/fashion) that are on the market at the moment.

1. The Relay Range. A personal favourite of mine…To be honest you need to bear in mind that size wise these tend to come up a little narrow, but once you get past that the fit is fantastic. These look great, and are also incredibly comfy, so you can do a days walking around town and not suffer in the evening!

2. The Range of Merrell sandals. Ok, I wear my pair of Birkenstocks to death, but Merrell sandals are incredibly comfy and I'm a real fan of the styles. A lot of people I know have a pair of the Kahunas, and live in them, but I'm more a fan of the 'clip' variety. I prefer having a strap around my ankles (also no need to take them off when going on fairground rides!

3. The Mocs. Oh Boy. These are like the most comfy pair of slippers you can imagine, and then be able to go outside in them! Slip on, slip off. It's a pair of shoes at it's very best.

4. The Waterpro range. OK, so not technically a street/fashion shoe, but on a hot sunny day, you will be glad of the mesh outer, leaving you feet free to breathe. I use my pair for holidays, great for walking along the beach, much more durable than a pair of sandals when walking along rocks etc.

I have a pair of Merrell shoes for most occasions, and I do really like them. Now I don't mean to sound like some sort of Merrell salesperson but they are incredibly well made, and all of my pairs of Merrell shoes have survived the test of time. I did once have a pair that squeaked, and was impressed with how good a company they were, as I contacted them and they replaced them for a new pair, without any questions. Long live Merrell Shoes!

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