Nervous Breakdowns Due To Emotional Stress

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Nervous breakdowns may happen to people undergoing an emotional turmoil or upheaval in their normal life. The emotional stress generated at such times may cross a threshold, beyond which the body cannot manage the stress. Emotional stress can be caused by an unsolved and unrelenting grief. The exact reason for this grief will vary from person to person.

Divorce- Death- Deception
For some it may be a troubled marriage with many altercations with one's spouse. On similar lines, divorcees are prone to a nervous breakdown. Most divorcees are highly emotionally hurt and unstable causing them to move towards a state of hopelessness and despair.

The death of a close friend or relative might have a deep emotional impact on an individual. The loss which seems unbearable initially to many, might linger on for a long time after the death. The time taken to get over this loss depends on the closeness of the relationship, suddenness of death, mode of death and varies for different people.

Lovers with a broken heart, especially teenagers, are prone to a nervous crash. In most cases they cannot deal with the pain of seeing their loved one with another person. Overridden with jealously, coupled with helplessness they often resort to alcohol and drugs for comfort. This is however only a temporary solution and the original set of problems reappear after a while often in more exaggerated forms.

Pregnancy & Harrowing Experiences
Many women are probable candidates for an emotionally triggered nervous breakdown during pregnancy. The fear of any complications during pregnancy and subsequently in the delivery of the baby worries most women until the actual delivery. This creates a prolonged stress which usually becomes the cause for a breakdown.

In the case of a female, a woman might have been perfectly normal until she gave birth to a child, after which she might have experienced a post partum depression. In short, nervous breakdown can occur to any one at any point of time. Some people have breakdowns which were bound to happen. The reason of such type of depression is due to genetic disorder like schizophrenia or bi polar depression.

Other reasons for the same may be the family expectations and one's own expectations. Memories of a near-death situation or a violent encounter may activate stress cycles, eventually winding up to a nervous crash. For example, an individual's recollection of a horrifying and gory accident might still result in cold shivers. Similarly, memories of an encounter with a wild animal might frighten an individual, long after the event has occured.

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