Bill Paxton Talks About Real-life Marriage

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Star of Big Love Bill Paxton plays a polygamous businessman in the HBO drama series, however in real life, his heart belongs to only one woman--Louise Newbury, his wife with whom he has two children.

The 52-year-old actor said in an interview that their marriage has lasted for twenty years, and that he does not want to talk about it publicly because he finds "people who advertise themselves as virtuous family people usually get caught splitting up the next day."

However, his commitment to his wife does not necessarily mean that he can't or won't admire other members of the opposite sex.

Actress Jeanne Tripplehorn, who currently plays one of Paxton's three wives in Big Love, has caught Paxton's eye when they were at a John Edwards fundraiser. This event was held a year before they became castmates in the drama series.

"I saw her across the room and wanted to meet her really badly," Paxton said.

In real life, Paxton and Tripplehorn are close friends, however, things aren't going so well between their characters in the show's current season. Barbara Henrickson, the role played by Tripplehorn, has recently left her polygamous marriage in order to search for her identity.

Also in real life, Tripplehorn expressed her delight in being friends with Paxton's wife, saying that she "genuinely adores" her. Tripplehorn has also been married for seven years to actor Leland Orser. They have one son named August who was born in 2002.

Polygamy isn't the only one that's not present in the Big Love stars' marriages. Paxton said he is having difficulty giving his wife space when she needs to analyze her feelings, unlike his character, Bill, who can easily distance himself from Barbara when she needs time to think things over and sort through her personal issues.

"I can't go to bed feeling (unresolved)," said Paxton. "(My wife) can harbor it a bit. She'll give me the silent treatment, which drives me crazy."

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